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Favorite Colors: Pink/Orange
Digital/Traditional Artist
Excellent Fashion Sense
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create wavy animated patterns and find new combinations! just for fun

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~Happy Bee Time~

Hi! I'm Taffy, and this is my first published Pico-8 game Happy Bee Time!
This is a randomly generated bee simulator where you just try to get as many bees as you can.
You explore by either buying tiles yourself for honey or letting the bees explore themselves.
Once you have enough honey, you can find a tree and get even more beeeeees!
I would like to add more to it in the future, though it will take some time before I do.
This was a very fun project to work with, and I am very happy with the pixel art and where
my programming skills with Pico-8 are going. I have learned a lot, and I hope you guys like it!


  • 🔼🔽◀️▶️: movement
  • ❎: buy tiles/beehives
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