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Hello everyone,

I am a first year Japanese university student exploring game design.
This is my first time using pico-8.
I got inspired by Gradius.
This is a Shooting Game.

I would appreciate any constructive comments.
Sorry for my poor English.


The Earth is attacked by alien.
But aliens can't be watched by rader.
So you must explore with your own body.
Please kill these aliens!

Operation Method

Arrow Key

Move. You are limited by edge of window.

Z Key(O Button)

Shot. Your bullet is strengthened by getting Power Item.


This game may not be for beginner.
It is slightly difficult for you.
It has 3 Stages. You have to advance without a break.
There are strong enemies in the end of each of stage.
You can go to next stage after destroying strong enemy.

Please enjoy Star★Eater !!!

Thank you very much!

P#79382 2020-07-16 03:28

Usually, If it takes longer than 1/30 sec, frame is skipped automatically.
But I want to refuse it. How can I turn off "Auto Frame Skip" ?
Of course, Game is sometimes slow. I know.

P#78233 2020-06-18 17:19

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