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I code in my sleep.

If I don't comment on a great game, I probably gave it a like * but I had nothing more to say than wow!. And I didn't want to add a comment to the BBS with nothing more than wow!.

If your name is in my list of names below, I definitely liked something of yours. If your name isn't in that list, I may still have liked something of yours.

About me

I have never worked in the games industry.

I began using pico-8 and joined the lexaloffle community in late August 2019; I had not previously used Lua. My first pico-8 game was snake using circles for the body segments. Mostly I code games with a retro feel. Sometimes I get inspiration from http://www.bbcmicro.co.uk/ although it is rare that I imitate the precise look and gameplay of the original.

I have only posted a few top level comments on the BBS - if you want to see more of my code; please click on cartridges / all; thanks. I mean to put some games up on itch eventually - when I am content that they are in a finished state, but I keep tweaking.

I haven't owned any console or computer from MicroSoft, Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Atari. My current computer is a Dell and runs Windows. I have used but am not currently using Linux.

I have played Pong clones, but never Pong. I have played: a few Sonic games, Pokemon, some RPGs. I even played the first level of a Mario game once. I don't play Sudoku. I am not the best player of games; I prefer to code. There are some genres of games I don't play.

I learn offline or while coding. For simpler games, I don't follow tutorials but instead work things out for myself; for advanced or complex formulae, algorithms, and patterns, I read what I can about it, then try to implement it for myself.

I like little code challenges.

I type too much.

Other users to look at the profiles of

Enough about me. Here are some users with far more carts and snippets to check out:








enargy (hosts jams)






MBoffin (makes video tutorials)

Mot (has almost instant 3d code for some 2d games through redefining map and spr)






Sophie Houlden




Things to look up

A few things to find out more about if you're new to games programming.

The modulo operator % which returns the remainder after divison. It's useful.

function _init()
--init environment constant

--init circle variables

--init velocity

function _update()
--update velocity

--update position

--wrap x & y to screensize

function _draw()

bounding rectangle a concept related to collision detection. Essentially if you have the four corners of two rectangles, you can test to see if they overlap - and if they do, that's a collision.

vectors {x,y} that can represent points on the screen, or can be added to another to simulate movement

circles and trigonometry in essence, a point {x,y} on a circle can be found if you know the angle with {x=cos(angle)*radius,y=sin(angle)*radius} which lets you move an object a certain amount (speed) in a particular direction (angle): x,y=x+cos(angle)*speed,y+sin(angle)*speed

Interesting websites

Some sites to check out:

lua.org Programming in Lua



Ludum Dare


Book resource list

A short list of games programming books (not to say I own them, just that I researched and decided these look like decent or well-thought-of books):

Game Engine Architecture, by Jason Gregory

Foundations of Game Engine Development, Volume 1: Mathematics, by Eric Lengyel

Mathematics for Computer Graphics (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science), by John Vince

Artificial Intelligence for Games, by Ian Millington and John Funge

Game Physics Engine Development: How to Build a Robust Commercial-Grade Physics Engine for your Game, by Ian Millington

Game Programming Patterns, by Robert Nystrom

Lua Game Development Cookbook, by Mário Kašuba

Algorithms Illuminated, by Tim Roughgarden (not games specific)

About comments I make

I have been answering a few questions on the BBS lately (May-June 2020).

If I have written code in answer to your comment, I probably tried to suit it to the style of code you had already put up. If you are following a tutorial, I will have mistaken the style of code used in the tutorial for your own style, and may have given an answer you can't follow; I apologise here for this - but I sincerely hope the tutorial you are following is explaining the code it is using sufficiently that you can follow my answer.

Where a specific question has been asked, sometimes a reply needs to take a different direction or to progress the code in some way, otherwise you probably wouldn't have needed to ask a question on the BBS. Sometimes I may feel there is an intermediary step that is better explained first.

In spite of writing my code to the style of the person asking, I also try to make my comments (inside and outside the code) reasonably accessible to all. If I have explained something you already knew, please know that I write not just for you but for anyone who looks at the thread. Nevertheless, some comments will be inaccessible to some, and for that I apologise here.

It is my hope I have helped (rather than hindered). Thanks.

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