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Popel Quest
by Schete

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Your are a brave little knight who is determined to steal the mighty dragon's treasure. But first you have to fight your way through his 6 henchmen.

Combat is inspired by Puzzle Quest and done through a match-3 game where you have to build a line or column of at least 3 gems of the same type.

How to Play

You control the curser to mark gems for swapping to form a new match. Different gem types have different abilities:

  • Green and Yellow: deals damage to enemy
  • Red: heals player
  • Blue: Player gains Mana Points (MP)
  • Pink: Enemy gains Mana Points (MP)
  • Skull: Deals damage to player

If you have enough MP you can cast spells that will help you on your quest. But be aware the enemy can gain MP an cast spells as well.

You can only swap neighboring gems and get 5 damage if your move didn't form a new match.


  • Use the arrow keys to move the curser
  • Use the Z, C key to mark a gem (O)
  • Use the X, or V key to open the spell menu (X)


Healing: costs 10 MP (15 MP for the enemy), heals 5 HP
Fireball: costs 20 MP, destroys a gem of your choice
Thunderbolt: costs 40 MP, destorys a line of your choice
Curse: (only for certain enemies) costs 15, deals 10 damage to player

For every match you get you gain XP for every destroyed gem. How much can you get?


Programming and art by Steffi Jung @Schete_Jurf
Music by Lars Jung @lars_jung

Thunderbolt and healthpotion art by Nerdy Teachers


1.0 Initial Release

1.1 Bug fixes

1.2 Cross matches now possible
When curser is over skull gem it's eyes blink red
Curser color swapped
Knight cheers when more than 3 gems are matched

1.3 Fixed a bug where one gem to much was cleared

1.4 German language support

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