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Good games for good people. <3

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Hello everyone,

My name is Nick, but a lot of people know me as Nikkcade, and for 3 or so years now, I've wanted to make my own games.

Today, thanks to generous support and donations from a lot of my twitter friends, against my better judgement, I finally, legally, bought my own copy of PICO-8.

I've messed around with it before, and was really motivated to create, but deep down, I felt ashamed for not actually buying the software like I should have.

It cost me almost all my money, (I'm in a VERY bad financial state rn) but at least I don't have to feel like that anymore.

If I could get any support or tips (I HAVE NEVER CODED ANYTHING IN MY LIFE) on how I can get into this community and make my own games, I'm all ears.

Thanks for welcoming me here. I hope to enjoy my stay.


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