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Cart #banatizusi-0 | 2018-12-12 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

How quickly can you turn on all the lights?

Game Modes

Arcade - Can you beat all 10 stages of light patterns and set a new time record?

Random Stage - A randomly generated 100 light stage for you to practice on.

Endless Mode - A randomly generated endless wave of lights. How far can you make it before your energy levels drain?


X - Select
Left/Right/Up/Down - Turn on Light
P - Pause/Resume

Playing the Game

The aim is to turn on the lights as quickly as possible. As time passes your energy level will gradually deplete. For each light you turn on successfully, your energy level will be refilled slightly. However, if you press the wrong key you will lose a portion of your energy.

When playing in Arcade mode your energy will not refill between stages. Try to chain successful lights together in order to build up your multiplier. As this increases, the amount of energy you receive for each light switched on grows. If you fail a stage, you can use a life to continue. This will restart the current stage with the amount of energy you had when you previously started the stage. Lose all 3 lives and its game over.

When playing Endless mode, the aim is to turn on as many lights as possible before your energy levels deplete. As more and more lights are turned on, the rate at which your energy decreases will accelerate. Try to keep your multiplier going and be quick in order to set the highest score.

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Cart #49746 | 2018-02-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This was my entry to MovieGameJam 2018. Made in 10 days.

You need to guide Gruber as he falls and collect as many coins/money as you can whilst avoiding the flaming windows.

Left and Right arrows - Move Gruber
X - Menu Confirm/Skip Cutscenes
Z - Menu Change Rating (R/PG-13)

Scoring points:
Coins - 10 points
Notes - 50 points
Limo - 100 points
Fire - minus 100 points

Bonus features:
You can activate PG-13 mode from the title screen which removes the profanity and violence (but why would you want to do that?)

As coins spin they become smaller and therefore harder to collect so try and grab them when they are front facing.
When you pass through the cloud layer you have reached the half way point of your free-fall.
An alert will sound when you are approaching the ground so be ready to hit the Limo for those crucial bonus points.

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Cart #46640 | 2017-11-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

My first project in PICO-8. It started as a "wouldn't it be cool to make the Mortal Kombat theme" and then quickly grew from there. Had lots of fun putting this together, and learnt a lot of tricks and tips along the way which will be useful for future games.

Feedback appreciated :)

Big kudos to Liquidream for answering my countless number of n00b questions

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