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11/2/16: Updated demo to a new version, now with ~9~ playable rooms.

A lot of stuff updated under the hood (the biggest being an overhaul to a more OOP-oriented entity system, among others) but also the following gameplay changes:

  • Added a 1-frame delay to turning.
  • Some sounds and graphics updated.
  • Corrected reversed X/O button descriptions (oops)
  • Since the turn delay makes position adjustment easier, X was turned into an alternate jump button.
  • Some simple effects that illustrate block creation/destruction and also illustration of what is preventing you when you fail to do so.

Hope you enjoy checking it out :) Of course, let me know if you run into obvious bugs or problems as well.

(initial post follows)

This is my first major project in PICO-8, and I love the system to bits.

This is an action puzzle game I'm still working on with heavy inspiration from a NES/Famicom game I played a great deal as a kid that I loved, Solomon's Key.

In each room, you must collect the key to open the exit, and then get to it. The controls are explained on the placeholder title screen, but I will go over them here as well in more detail.

> Use left/right keys to move. There is a very short delay when you turn.

> Press O to use your creation/destruction magic where you are facing. You require MP points (shown at the top) in order to create. You can increase your MP by collecting red magic stones in each room. You can destroy your own blocks and brittle brown blocks, but not much else.

> Press down to duck. Ducking does not help avoiding getting hit (no reduction in collision area), but it allows you to aim lower than you normally do.

> Press X or up to jump. Jumping underneath a breakable block will also let you break it, but it requires two hits.

I find it much easier to play with a controller vs. a keyboard because of the coordination sometimes required, so I suggest trying that.

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