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i think this is almost the final version. Many thanks to the people who played this game, others who gave me suggestions and darkhog who collaborated with gfx and code.


  • Killer theme song!
  • Realistic sound effects!
  • Wave counter!
  • Beautiful scrolling starfield! (by darkhog)
  • A new turtle: The Big Bad Boss! Twice the size, twice the lasers!
  • Do you have fast reflexes? As you progress harder it becomes.
  • Test your marks'turtle'ship: don't miss a bullet or your score will be cut by half. Are you a good shooter? (suggestion by darkhog)

I will search for bugs and decide if i need do adjust something. So it will become a final version.

Updates 0.9

I think I can call it a final version. I added darkhog's suggestion, the game pause after you loose a life. The code isn't that good, but i think i made it: this is the first time that I finish a game. Thanks to the people who played this game or gave suggestions, like darkhog who collaborated. Thanks, man. The experience is good, it's like that old games made by a one person. Now i will start my next game: I am late!. I will post the beta soon.

Now I want to see your scores!

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