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Podcaster, lawyer.

pico chat: https://anchor.fm/picochat/
e-mail: [email protected]

I'm back after a (very extended) hiatus! Episode 4 is ready for you here: https://anchor.fm/picochat/episodes/4-feature-complete-e1fg1d/

I've switched to anchor as my podcasting platform, and the new episode should be going live on Google Music and iTunes within 24 hours. If you'd like to listen to back episodes, they're all available at https://anchor.fm/picochat/

Thanks for your patience! If you'd like to participate in a future episode either as a guest or with your own segment, e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks!

P#52724 2018-05-14 13:02 ( Edited 2018-05-14 17:03)

Episode 3 of my podcast is up! #3: one chip in my pocket
Your podcasters should update soon, or you can listen/download online. Also, iTunes nuked my feed and I've resubmitted it. You can subscribe without itunes at http://feeds.feedburner.com/picochat

My PocketCHIP arrived! I discuss that & Pixel Art Academy. Then, some new(er) games I love: Pico Monsters, The Slow and the Curious, Monster Hull, and Strung Out in Heaven's High.

If you'd like to join me for a future episode, e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks for listening!

P#27065 2016-08-18 20:48 ( Edited 2017-06-15 20:42)

You can find the episode here!

#2: just jammin'

The quality of work in this jam was so high! This episode is a bit long, but that's not going to happen very often. We just thought every game warranted a discussion. The work ranges from old pros to first time developers, and really shows the talent and enthusiasm of the Pico-8 community.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, or if you'd like to join me for a future episode!


P#22897 2016-06-14 23:03 ( Edited 2016-06-18 21:17)

Hi! I just published episode 1 of a podcast about Pico-8, called pico chat. Each episode will be short (10-20 minutes), and you can expect 1-2 episodes per month. I'm looking for a guest to play through all the Pico-8 Jam #2 games for episode 2, send me an e-mail if you'd like to join me ([email protected])!

pico chat

I'm open to any and all feedback. Tell me what you'd like to hear in future episodes. Thanks!

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