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Cart #yet_another_mountain-2 | 2023-05-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Yet another celeste-classic like!

It's very difficult but I think some people can beat it :)

Also please let me know of any save data issues or game breaking bugs (I know of some minor ones that I left it).

P#130002 2023-05-21 18:54 ( Edited 2023-05-30 23:07)

Amazing! I missed again and again, but this game always attracts me so much!

P#130013 2023-05-22 08:18 ( Edited 2023-05-22 08:19)

Neat. I like how the dream blocks bounce you instead of killing you. Controls feel nice too :)

P#130019 2023-05-22 13:02

it feels a bit weird because I am so used to playing Celeste, but it's an amazing game! I agree with @ooooggll about the dream blocks and I love the little interactions in the game, it reminds me a lot of Madiline and Badiline from the main celeste. I love the game, and I'm gonna be looking forward to season 2 that you said was coming

P#130022 2023-05-22 13:43

@Ruva That’s pretty good! I now realize that I should have put /21 for the number of strawberries one collects, might update that in future.
@ooooggll I actually played a mod of actual Celeste with bouncing dream blocks which inspired me to make them bounce here (it was surprisingly buggy and still is a little bit).
@yourlocalidiot Thanks! And to be fair, you’re the one who chose the option for season two, I didn’t say anything about that :) [it would be embarrassing if I’m misremembering and the human says it regardless of what dialogue option you choose…]

P#130023 2023-05-22 14:02

/21 for strawberries? I got 22-- is the banana on the tree at the end of the inverted ravine supposed to count toward this total?

P#130042 2023-05-22 21:00

dang, good game, controls are good, and i think i got all the storbrys?

EDIT: nvm, I got 22!
EDIT 2: screenshot (lower deaths+time because progress reset)

P#130066 2023-05-23 15:38 ( Edited 2023-05-26 19:03)

Oh, I must have miscounted or something? I’ll have to update/double check that.

P#130072 2023-05-23 17:41

Phew finally
my hands are burning

P#130097 2023-05-24 12:37

The dash feels horrible. You lose all your momentum. At the very least slow the player down to walking speed after the dash, it just feels uncomfortable to use. And please cap the fall speed more. It feels like Lani's Trek, and not in a good way. I feel like you need to decide whether you want to inconvenience the player by slowing them down or speeding them up.

P#130200 2023-05-27 00:19

Ok, I finally got around to fixing the berry count for level 3 on the menu and adding the /22 on the end screen.

@AmounaMaziouna Thanks you! Glad you could beat it.

@StrongSand94191 I think the dash could've been better but at 60fps works out all right. Though in testing I noticed the dash does feel significantly worse when the framerate dropped to 30, though that likely isn't the issue considering you also had issue with the fall speed. [though if you want to check you can press ctrl+p when playing]
I understand your issue with the fall speed (I left it high because after playing for so long it felt odd to change it, though that probably wasn't a good reason) and I noticed how it can make certain levels requiring falling very difficult.
Thanks for the feedback, though I probably won't update this due to the levels being suited to the current movement. However, knowing me, I'll probably make another celeste-like in future and keep that in mind.

@Dando_ Thats a pretty good time! And a large improvement from your first run. I actually haven't tried speedrunning all 3 levels together but adding up my bests from each individually is about 5-6 minutes.

P#130298 2023-05-30 00:50

I like the way that picking up keys refreshes the dash. It leads to some level designs that were very satisfying to navigate... after failing a few dozen times each. Gold star.

I completed all the levels, but I don't think I'll ever be getting all the berries. I appreciate the use of persistent data and the three different mountains so we don't have to do it all at once.

I'm sympathetic to @StrongSand94191 regarding the dash and fall speed. I spent a lot of time failing to apply the right direction the moment a dash ended. However, I also agree that now you've created the levels based on the current mechanics, it would be very risky to adjust them.

P#130308 2023-05-30 10:16

not sure if i'm doing something wrong but i can't play it at all, after you press x the screen starts flashing really fast and the game doesn't start

P#130312 2023-05-30 15:45


P#130323 2023-05-30 18:28

Oh no, sorry about that, should be fixed now!

I forgot to test upload the version with the cart tags instead of the direct file paths to the correct level on my computer when I updated the level fruit counts.

P#130337 2023-05-30 23:08
--Hello! This is Alex K. And I wanted to say thank you for making this game

--I have posted a video on youtube, in the future, I might be posting a YouTube video on pico-8
P#150655 2024-07-01 02:27

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