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Cart #snowball_gaiden-6 | 2023-01-05 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

A team sport bullet-hell battler!

Face off against your fellow fifth graders in the ultimate snowball showdown.

Learn from your opponents! Every team has different perks/special moves. Upgrade yours after every match.

Battle convincing AI foes with the support of your helpful AI teammate!

Made in 3 or so weeks for the 12 Days of Pico8 Jam 2022.


Nerfed the Hurdle effect a small amount.
Fixed win/loss ratio bug.
Added some helpful indicators.

P#122961 2022-12-24 21:52 ( Edited 2023-01-05 20:09)


Wonderfully full of action and adventure, @ohhcurtains !

The first snowball shooter I've ever seen and boy is it written great ! Gold star all the way.

P#122964 2022-12-24 22:01

So good! I don't usually like fast-paced action games but it is really enjoyable and the AI works very well 👌
@ohhcurtains I remember you posting in the discord the first progress and it seemed to me just a few days ago, you really finished it quickly and the final product doesn't look rushed at all.

P#122966 2022-12-24 22:29 ( Edited 2022-12-24 22:31)

Amazingly put together, and really fun to play!
Wrote about it in more detail in my latest PicoShorts #6 I hope you don't mind!

Loving the absolute chaos that can ensue during the fights!

P#123006 2022-12-25 13:16

cool game

P#123141 2022-12-27 20:11

This is amazing! Great gameplay and a 🔥 soundtrack as usual! Thanks so much for sharing!

P#123786 2023-01-05 22:59

Oh wow, yeah, this game was great, and the AI teammate was super satisfying!

P#123789 2023-01-06 00:23

Managed to get a perfect run ending with ultraviolence, +snowball speed, and bigger snowballs.
Absolutely amazing game!

P#124460 2023-01-17 13:46 ( Edited 2023-01-19 21:23)

I love this!
Little problem though, got it after losing the 3rd and 4th fights.

edit: Got the exact same thing again later, but with a different scenario leading up.

P#125413 2023-02-06 15:13 ( Edited 2023-02-06 22:18)

Ohps, running into a few more bugs (sorry!)
The counter for rounds doesn't seem to be working properly, I play twice and the season ends, saying that I got 2:3 wins:losses.
Or, I play the first match, and going into the next one (the striped screen) it says match 4/5 up top.

P#125452 2023-02-07 02:26

Oh goodness - thanks for finding these. I'll get around to fixing them soon.

P#125477 2023-02-07 15:48

Sorry to clutter the comments, but I had another problem. Sometimes, my teammate's ai would be broken (they just sat where they started), and they wouldn't move until they got KO-ed, and I helped them up.

I think that if the bugs are cleared, this cart can get featured!

P#125540 2023-02-08 19:05

You're kind and helpful for taking the time to point out these bugs - thank you!

P#125541 2023-02-08 19:13


P#127974 2023-04-01 17:19

Super cool game! My guy did an amazing job at making snowball fighting into an 8-bit game!

P#134344 2023-09-14 16:45

After playing this for so long, idea: ENDLESS MODE. Enemies get progressively harder, and the game stops when you lose, with a max of 10 upgrades.

P#140674 2024-01-26 21:23

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