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Cart #fault2-1 | 2022-06-11 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

special thanks to @kuliat

P#113014 2022-06-11 14:02 ( Edited 2022-06-11 18:08)


I like how Fault 1 is going up, and Fault 2 is going down. What's next, Fault 3 which is going left?

Also cool secret ending :)

P#113016 2022-06-11 14:49 ( Edited 2022-06-11 14:57)

hey @ooooggll! you might be right about Fault 3... or it'll be like adelie...
glad you liked the secret ending! although, kuliat made it, not me!

P#113017 2022-06-11 15:13 ( Edited 2022-06-14 13:17)

fault 2? the first one wasnt that long ago, im excited to try this out.
edit: dang, falling is actually really fun, and i think the way you used breakable blocks really works, the secret ending was a fun little challenge and i enjoyed this very much.

P#113018 2022-06-11 15:41 ( Edited 2022-06-11 15:48)


P#113024 2022-06-11 15:54

8/10 the secret ending is so fun! The falling is a very creative mechanic and the ruins sprites are fantastic. I wish it was longer cause it was so well made.

P#113032 2022-06-11 21:16

thank you! I wanted to keep the same length as Fault 1, and to be the reverse of Fault 1, so I kept it short and sweet!
I'm glad you enjoyed the secret ending, that was kuliat's work!

P#113050 2022-06-12 11:58 ( Edited 2023-10-16 16:28)

After trying for quite a while, I managed to get sub 1 min for the secret ending. Going down was very fun and I really liked the level design.

P#113087 2022-06-13 01:37

Nice mod, it definitely jumps in difficulty from fault 1, but I liked the going down thing, and the breakable blocks being used as mechanics. Some parts felt slightly jank, but overall it was pretty fun. A secret route is always nice to see in a celeste mod, even if it was relatively short.

P#113109 2022-06-13 12:17

hey, thanks @coolelectronics!
what parts felt jank to you? just so I know what to do better when faut 3-
uh what parts felt jank?

and thanks Cal! that's a crazy time

P#113148 2022-06-14 13:17 ( Edited 2022-06-14 13:18)

Specifically, this part in ruins where you need to dash up a little bit and go through the spikes and then fall and dash up into the block to avoid falling into the spikes.

The concept would work if it was arranged a little differently, but how it stands, it doesn't really flow well with the level design

Here, I would avoid using one block gaps wherever possible, it just doesn't work that well. if the row of tiles with the spikes on top were moved up 1 or 2 blocks, this part would have been almost perfect.

P#113157 2022-06-14 15:34

Does anyone know how to get the secret ending?

P#113167 2022-06-14 19:56

Just follow these terrible drawings that I made:

P#113168 2022-06-14 20:17


P#113180 2022-06-15 09:14

thanks for helping @loadandcode

P#113584 2022-06-24 16:13

Is the challenge at the end possible on gemskip?

P#122164 2022-12-10 18:24

I don't think so...

P#122326 2022-12-13 18:11 ( Edited 2023-10-16 16:29)

Damn I’m trash. I saw the flag and the block to the side and I knew there was some sis stuff

P#130935 2023-06-14 16:15

nice time! :D
yeah the secret ending isn't really a "secret" :p

P#130938 2023-06-14 17:02

Finally got WR I think

P#132137 2023-07-19 17:00

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