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PICO-8 + Steam Celeste player
I get very silly playing Celeste Classic mods on mobile
Notable achievements:
Fault 2 (by @SandwichBlam) Any% Secret Ending WR (00:00:58) (7/19/23)
Falleste [FC]? (by @Sparky99) on mobile (9/22/23) (World First)
Foreverred (by @taco360) Gemskip on mobile (9/28/23) (World First)
Denali (by @KameraXd and more) Jellyskip to Ancient Gauntlet on mobile (last possible level is Windy Passage afaik) (11/2/23) (World First)
Springleste (by @Rav81blaziken) True Ending [FC] on mobile (11/30/23) (World First)

Deathless Achievements:
Fault 2 [FC] (7/8/23)
Dark Swamp (kuliat map pack, by @kuliat) (11/19/23) (m)
Inferno Cave (kuliat map pack, by kuliat) (11/19/23) (m)
Fuji [C] (by @Beeb) (11/24/23) (m)
Awake Trueskip (Mountain Trials) Silver (11/25/23) (m)
Noelle (by taco360) (11/30/23) (m)

All World Firsts are speculative. There might be people who have done these before me, but idc these are still hard. I have dates posted above, so if you’ve done these just tell me

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