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MineStorm Pico

Tread lightly! The transport lanes of intergalactic space have been seeded with mines from an alien vessel.
Use your mine destroying blaster to blow up the mines before they annihilate you! You may survive the floating mines, but beware of the fireball, magnetic, and treacherous fireball-magnetic mines!

. . . many fields, each one more difficult, await you!

Enemy minelayer in action

Clearing a mine field

Duel with the minelayer


Game Options
⬆️⬇️ Navigate through the options.
🅾️ Change an option. [z]
❎ Enter the first mine field.

Ship Controls
⬅️➡️ Rotates your mine destroying ship.

Control settings #1:
🅾️ Escape: Mysteriously moves your ship to a new location. [z]
❎ Fire: Launches rockets at the mines.
⬆️ Thrust: Moves your ship forward.

Control settings #2:
⬇️ Escape [z]
❎ Fire
🅾️ Thrust

Control settings #3:
⬆️ Escape [z]
❎ Fire
🅾️ Thrust

Pilot Manual

The enemy minelayer will move through your galaxy and will seed the first mine field. Your ship will come into view once he disappears. Four large mines will suddenly become activated.
Maneuver your ship within the galaxy in an effort to destroy the mines.
As you travel through space, fire at the mines. As you destroy them, additional mines will become activated. Be careful . . . the minelayer may reappear to seed the field, but you can blast him as well.
Once you make that part of the galaxy safe, you immediately travel to the next mine field. There are 30 different mine fields, each one becoming increasingly difficult.

The original 13 fields to conquer.
The long war, 32 fields to conquer.

Pilot Skill
After your ship is destroyed, a new ship is randomly placed back into the currently active mine field.
Beware: When rammed by the minelayer the mine field is reset!
Original mode, a mine field is reset after the ship's destruction.

Points are awarded for destroying the mines, as follows:

Type of Mine .L. . .M. . .S. .
Floating . . 100 . 135 . 200 .
Fireball . . 325 . 360 . 425 .
Magnetic . . 500 . 535 . 600 .
Magnetic-. . 750 . 785 . 850 .
Fireball . . . . . . . . . . .

Additionally, 110 points are earned for hitting the fireball itself and 1000 points for hitting the minelayer.

Thank you for volunteering!

Good luck with your mission, you will need it. It's not an easy task!
Mine field 1 is cleared by many new recruits with "ease".
Mine field 2 is very tough, until you learn to keep your distance and always fire straight lines at fireball mines.
Mine field 3 seems to be a "piece of cake" compared to the previous if you have mastered the art of thrust.
Mine field 4 . . . the end for many aspiring pilots. Once passed, you have mastered to eliminate all mine types.
Now it's up to you!

Developer Notes

An adaptation of the classic Vectrex game MineStorm for your enjoyment.
There were made some changes and additions in the design of the game compared to the original:

  • The scale of all game objects have been adjusted to suit the smaller screen size better.
  • The movement physics have been adjusted to suit the smaller screen size better.
  • Single player only
  • Two levels of difficulty
  • Multiple ship control settings
  • Autofire (default) is a feature in the options menu.
  • A bonus ship is awarded every 3 levels, instead of every 4 levels.
  • 30 mine fields, instead of 13.
  • Space dust is not included.
  • The ships mysterious escape feature is much safer to use than in the original.
  • The overlay HUD shows the current mine field number in the bottom left corner.
  • The overlay HUD is dynamic and parts are being turned on and off during game play.
  • A victory screen is awarded after clearing all 30 mine fields.
  • Persistent high score.


Executables available on itch.io

Pilot's commentary section below:

P#106455 2022-02-06 23:07 ( Edited 2024-01-14 15:05)


Good, @TomCoding. Not terribly happy if you die every enemy is respawned for that level. I mean that's why you died so often it's a repeated death. OK.

P#106472 2022-02-07 03:30

Hi @dw817. Thank you for playing and your feedback.
I have added another game mode. You should give it another shot and play as "Recruit", will be less frustrating now.

P#106569 2022-02-08 21:49

Cool recreation with nice vectors. I like the color scheme as well.

P#106755 2022-02-12 02:58

You're almost there, @TomCoding. It redoes the level if you are hit by the flying saucer. It does NOT for other enemies, which is great.

P#106756 2022-02-12 03:05

Great job capturing the super-distinctive aesthetics of the Vectrex, I especially like the on-screen title text, it's spot-on.🙂

P#106769 2022-02-12 05:29

nice, specially the overlay. really reminded me playing this on my rich friend's vectrex 😁

P#106771 2022-02-12 06:26

LOVE this. More Pico Vectrex games! Bizarrely vector graphics games seem to work really well on the Pico screen, and the "overlay" makes it super-evocative.

(Personally I'd much rather have Thrust on a button and Hyperspace on Down, but each to their own.)

P#107240 2022-02-19 10:57 ( Edited 2022-02-19 11:55)

Hi @RevStu, thanks for your comment and feedback.
Since there were still some Tokens left to use, I added Ship Control settings in the Game Options. You should play it again with your preferred settings.

P#107271 2022-02-19 22:48

Wonderful, ta :)

P#107324 2022-02-20 11:31

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