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the current version of PICO-8 (0.2.5) for Windows has white window title bars:

the white title bar is distracting, no matter if app colors are set to light mode or dark mode in Windows settings.

this mockup made in Microsoft Paint shows the Windows title bars in dark colors from the PICO-8 palette:

and here is a much more coarse hand-pixeled mockup of how the colors could look like:

  • Inactive window's title bar (right)
    • background: PICO-8 color #0
    • foreground: PICO-8 color #6
  • Active window's title bar (left)
    • background: PICO-8 color #1
    • foreground: PICO-8 color #7
P#72567 2022-11-20 14:47

works for me:

the window manager controls the borders, so pico-8 has the same as everything else.
but I have no idea how windows or mac work!

P#121075 2022-11-20 18:33

I must agree with @merwok. The color of your windows is configurable. I have mine set to a dark blue slate, thus the titlebar in Pico-8 is also dark blue slate.

However to add a configuration option, @Sosasees, would not be remiss to choose a color rx00gx00bx00 or to mask it out completely. Gold star to support it.

P#121076 2022-11-20 19:09

@merwok's screenshot looks like it came from Linux.
i also have a Linux computer especially for personal use, and i have set a dark title bar theme on that computer.
Unfortunately, i don't have enough time to switch computers anymore because i have unusually much work lately.
Using Pico-8 on my work computer — that has Windows installed because i need Windows-exclusive programs for work — is the only way to fit game development into my lafe right now.

on Windows, per-app title bar colors are impossible unless

  • either i use a hack that makes Windows very unstable
  • or the app developer implements it, which is the stable option

i know that i can switch active window's title bars from being white (or black) to my chosen accent color, but i don't use it

  • because i want to use green as my accent color and not black
  • because if title bars are my accent green, it makes the shortcuts in Windows Explorer's title bar almost invisible
P#121078 2022-11-20 19:45 ( Edited 2022-11-20 19:46)

@notcl4y Not sure what merwok is using, but mine is similar looking and I am using KDE Plasma on Manjaro with the Breath Dark theme and Breeze window decorations theme.

P#121730 2022-12-02 16:52

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