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My first PICO-8/ Any game project!!

Heyo!! I would like to start by saying Im BRAND NEW HERE! So. Apologies if this is horrible :O

Firstly: credit where credit is due: Thank you user Gruber for letting the community use his music in our experiments!

I had fun making it and found that you could publish it and I thought that'd make it easier to have my friends give it a try and provide feedback while having the community chime in as well.

Im pretty awkward with the whole publishing thing - so be nice? :P


I tried to acquaint myself in using objects and properties and tried my best to structure the code well!!
I'm open to any criticism and any recommendations or suggestions!!

I'm still hoping to incorporate more features like-

  • Timers for the spl. effects
  • Enemy AI ships


Movement : Arrow Keys

Shoot: Z


  • You spawn with 3 hearts.
  • Asteroids have a health of 3 so they take 3 hits to get destroyed!
  • The asteroid Spawnrate is a function of the Score so the game gets... harder?
  • You can pick up certain orbs to enhance the ship
  • Pink / Yellow - 20% Spawn rate allowing you to 1 Hit the asteroids
  • Blue - Enables player with a shield.
  • Heart - Adds a Heart!

Update Mechanics -

  • The shield and bullet upgrades now have a decay with a visual timer!
  • The enemy ships have a basic AI - they move from end to end on their axis and shoot whenyoure at a range of their line of sight
  • The enemy ships also spawn one every 30 seconds with -
    1) random health so it can take anywhere from 3-10 normal bullets to destroy.
    2) random speeds

Updates : 1.0

1) Fixed an underlying bug that wouldn't randomise the speed and inclination of the asteroids per asteroid.
2) Added a Decay to the special shield and bullet effects.
3) Added Music IN GAME.
4) Changed the effects of the shield to now have INVULNERABILITY! rather than to tank 1 hit (which is what the heart does anyway :P)
5) I forgot to give credit earlier so this post and the game will now include Credits to the person who was amazing enough to have developers use their music!

Updates : 2.0

1) Added in the enemy space ships and the accompanieng simple AI to shoot in Line of sight and move along their axis.
2) Cleaned up code and weeded out tiny errors.
3) some new sound effects.
4) Slightly redid the point system.

Have fun!

P.S - I enjoyed working with and learning to use PICO-8 and/or LUA? :P

P#72327 2020-01-28 04:54 ( Edited 2020-01-31 18:17)

:: dw817

You know when you've come full circle on this planet Earth when someone comes out with their very first videogame they ever made - and it just so happens to have the exact same name of the very first videogame =YOU= came up with.

Back when I was 8-years old I wrote my very first videogame in TRS 80 Basic called, "Space Raider."

Wow. Just Wow. And obviously this game is light-years ahead of what I wrote, but still ... memories.

Gold star for you for this polished and rather memorably named game.

P#72332 2020-01-28 05:08


Thanks a tonne!! And i had a feeling this would be a popular name ;)!! I managed to update it a lil more and fix up a few things today!

P#72456 2020-01-30 06:54

Also If anyone comes by and has any advice about the code Im all ears. Ive noticed that although the game runs well locally - it doesnt on the website's emulator when compared to some of the others ive played on here. and that bugs me. I know im at a very early stage in this endeavour but id love to learn :)

P#72458 2020-01-30 07:13
:: Spaz48

@ScrappyMan25 Perhaps it's just your browser? I use firefox and the game runs just as smoothly online as it does when I download and run the cart locally. I did skim through the code and I couldn't find anything that would slow it down to my knowledge, though I did notice a lot of spaces, ie, stuff like consistently using "x == 1" instead of "x==1", but I don't think that would cause any slowdown.

Anyway, an enjoyable little game, and fantastic considering this is your very first project! The only things I would suggest is maybe either slowing the ship down or speeding up the bullets so they're not the same speed, and possibly adding the ability to shoot diagonally. Still, great work!

P#72498 2020-01-31 12:18

@Spaz48 - Hey - I appreciate the feedback ^-^!

And yes my bad - I think it was a me sided issue that vanished when i restarted my pc! So glad that's alright!

ABout the whitespacing - im new to coding and i was advised to have consistent whitespaces and since most compilers or in this case interpreters skip whitespaces i didnt think that would make much of a difference.

Im considering speeding up the bullets ^-^ Although i must say you can shoot 3 bullets while moving to make a charged bullet that 1 hits the asteroid (atleast in theory) and that's fun :P

Ill keep these in mind when i decide to update them again.

thanks a tonne ^-^

P#72499 2020-01-31 13:07
:: Tense

This is a great little game, especially for your first game! Keep up the good work.

P#77083 2020-05-23 17:44

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