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Coin Dash V1.5.1

Cart #tunafishbucket-11 | 2020-06-11 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Venture through 8 levels trying to collect as many coins as you can!
Coins are really useful because not only between levels can you buy power-ups,
But there also your life and the more you start dying the more you lose..

You can also try to go for good scores as well,
Do do you want to try and collect every coin? Or try and march through enemies as
fast as possible?


When in a level

Left (Move left)

Right (Move right)

Up/X (Jump)

Z (Power-up)

When in a menu

Left (Move cursor left)

Right (Move cursor right)

X (Not shop / Exit shop)

Z (Open shop / Buy from shop)


X (Try again)

Z (Give up)


Restart (Sets you back to after title)

ToggleMusic (Turn off/on music)

Reset Highscore (Reset your Highscore and BestTime)



These shiny collectables are worth 1.

Red Coin

Red Coins are a bit rarer and they are worth 8.


General Info

Power-ups can be bought between levels. But you might not want to
always buy them because then you will have less lives for later..
Once you buy a power-up you can find it in the next level.


This Power-Up is 8 coins and instead of dying when you get hit,
You will tank it like a boss and keep on going!


For 16 coins you gain the ability when you press z to shoot
energy blasts! use this to snipe enemy's out of your way!


Lastly for 16 coins you can ignore damage for a while!
(Comes with free bopping jam.)

Player & Enemies


The main protagonist of the game!
Can jump, Climb, Run, and most importantly:
Be cute. Go get them!


This is the most basic creature in the game,
So basic that they don't even look both ways before
jumping off a ledge. just look at those eyes..

Bandera Sprout

These sprouts seem a little bit smarter than their more basic form.
Before they jump off a ledge they turn around like the true warrior they are!


These grotesque creatures are what happens when a sprout lives in a cave
for too long.. (Best not to think about it.) They are more aggressive than sprouts,
So aggressive that they will chase you down!


I don't even know how this creature was made..
They have a blaster on their face and they seem to be part machine...
Watch out!

Golden Sprout

Kill these suckers for some coins!
Instead of trying to kill you they seem to want to run away..


These random birds will fly out of nowhere, Just to relive them selfs on your
corpse.. ooooof.


Useful Info

Here's some helpful notes to explain how scoring is kept.


Score is equal to highest coin count before death,
BestTime is not saved.


Score is equal to coins+16+(If no death, 16)
BestTime=CombinedTime if CombinedTime<BestTime

(Combined time is time spent playing, siting in the menus like the shop
or shop prompt does not count. this makes sure that you don't have to mash
through menus and more time strategizing if you want a powerup!)


Version Log


  • Uploaded to the BBS


  • X is jump as well as Up
  • Tweaked Shop UI
  • Made Power-up UI more intuitive
  • Fixed Bug with flash during the credits
  • Fixed Bug with besttime not being saved
  • Pits are nicer (Pits now can't be DMG-boosted and glass is set beneath player up to 48 even when you don't die to the pit)
  • Made thread nicer


  • Actually fixed bug with besttime


  • TitleScreen Tweaks
  • Now saves scores when you get a gameover
  • Made Gameover screen nicer
  • Made shop screen nicer
  • Finally fixed bug with besttime (Hopefully...)
  • Big boi Flap nerfs (range on explosion form 20x to 8x)
  • Edited pit respawning a tiny bit (Restimer)
  • Compressed particle system more
  • Fixed pal swapping with particles in caves
  • Reduced amount of sparkles spawned on res
  • Fixed cart label text on png
  • Edited Pirate msg


  • Fixed embarrassing bug with Reset not working..
  • Fixed another bug with Reset where the screen wouldn't show up due to cam
  • Beam ball got a buffed hitbox so you hit more often
  • Beam balls now have a quicker cooldown when you hit
  • Added scoring section on thread
  • Compressed more stuff for space (GlintPars -> Pars, Destoryed ppos
    (hope that doesn't bite me..), tweaked player init spawning )
  • Mushys and Goldys have been changed in-terms of how often particles are produced (Also Mushys now have a death explosion)
  • Goldys have been buffed form 4 coins on kill to 8
  • Might have added a secret... :I


  • Added noCoin runs
  • Added some coins and level changes for more challenge/noCoin runs
  • Got rid of that one rock block in lvl7 that didn't make any sense
  • Fixed bug with the secret happening when it shouldn't of
  • saved a ton of token space by: removing initing some vars, removed print()s and replaced with ?s, combined _draw() and update()
  • Finally Added Spoiler/hidden tabs to the thread if you don't want a ton of stuff on your screen or the enemies spoiled and such
  • On the topic of the thread; reformatted the thankyou, coins, etc to make it way better and nicer on the eyes :p, added on to thankyou


  • Fixed stupid mistake with the thankyou old ver demo breaking the in-PICO-8 BBS.

Thank you!

This is my first game and thanks for playing it!
Im well aware that it's very wonky but hopefully it's still fun.
Feel free to remix it, Just make sure it's cool! :D

PS: This game has come quite along ways from one of the oldest builds I have of it. (right here:)

Cart #tunafishbucket-10 | 2020-03-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

And Once again thanks for playing this and i'll see you in the
next dumb project I tackle.

P#72263 2020-01-26 21:49 ( Edited 2020-06-11 05:53)

:: dw817

Jumping is a little wonky. Look to see how Super Mario does it in his game.


Also cannot scroll left once you have scrolled right.

Suggest button (O) to jump as it is not being used for anything else. Using up arrow can interfere with fine movement player is making with LEFT and RIGHT arrow.

Looks good so far for a platformer.

P#72269 2020-01-26 21:54 ( Edited 2020-01-26 21:56)
:: Chewy

great job.

P#72271 2020-01-26 22:06

Marsho!! <3

P#72547 2020-01-31 23:09

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