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Cart #skelegame_wip-0 | 2019-10-18 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

A demo of my upcoming project, featuring zero ideas for a final title and a quarter of the tokens already. Jump with Z and fire with X, you can figure out the details.

P#69017 2019-10-18 18:15 ( Edited 2019-10-18 18:16)

I was watching this carefully. Telling myself there is a color on that screen which is not part of the original 16.

And I was right. What I =DIDN'T= know was that you don't have to POKE the palette, you can use PAL() with 128+ to get the new colors.

That is information for me !

Your game looks polished and good too, definite star for you, @GooGroker

P#69019 2019-10-18 18:38 ( Edited 2019-10-18 18:38)

If you can expand the levels/gameplay - you have some solid basis to grow upon.

P#70709 2019-12-08 18:47

@zep, that palette error is happening here too. Notice when the game starts it has garbage before the palette changes.

Only does this with the extended set and only on the BBS.

P#70966 2019-12-13 05:20

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