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Cart #wowazujupi-2 | 2019-05-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

'Land in a smooth, timely fashion in order to gain a fuel bonus.
Otherwise, die a brutal firey death and be absorbed into the lunar land mass.'

Controls: <^> directional keys control thrust

Gfx, particles, Lander mechanics, sfx by me

Cheers to the pigmi indie squad for the general lander
concept and procedural land code.

*update may19: added landing indicator, fixed carry-over velocity

P#57463 2018-10-03 09:17 ( Edited 2019-05-30 14:21)

Woohoo! After many, many fiery crashes, I won! That was way harder than I expected. I love the wind particle effects. The wind + the fuel gauge is a great difficulty multiplier. Nice work! :)

P#57475 2018-10-03 11:40 ( Edited 2018-10-03 15:40)
:: dw817

Win ! Fuel bonus: 112.

You might add some rogue asteroids for higher levels if you haven't already.

P#57480 2018-10-03 12:57 ( Edited 2018-10-03 16:58)
:: rosagi

MBoffin: cheers, your itch.io carts have been helpful to me!

Not sure whether creating multiple inits() is the way to go about building a progression system. Either way I was looking at leveraging the fuel gauge and/or a variety of fuel pickup/obstacles.

dw817: thanks I had been thinking (along those lines)^

P#57562 2018-10-05 12:51 ( Edited 2018-10-05 18:17)

This is way too addictive! Every time I think I'm done, then the next random level appears and I'm playing again.

P#57676 2018-10-08 03:07 ( Edited 2018-10-08 07:07)
:: dw817

Playing this some more. Have to ask, are you scoring based on remaining fuel or how soft a landing ?

In the original, I think you are scored based on how gentle a landing you can make.


P#57772 2018-10-10 00:12 ( Edited 2018-10-10 04:14)
:: rosagi

PicoLate - ..cheers! Aiming for a sense of immediacy/relayability with the mechanics - though I really owe it to pigmi squad for the land code.

dw817: Yes at this stage it's just based on remaining fuel - the thought was it's a company bonus for efficiency type thing, but the possibility of running out of fuel also encourages a faster descent, hence balancing speed with a low landing velocity.

Wow an eye opener - seeing the original I mean - cheers for the link.

I also tried scaling the procedural land giving a similar scale as the original, but didn't seem to work as well at 128 x 128.

P#57866 2018-10-12 13:12 ( Edited 2018-10-12 20:24)
:: dw817

Don't worry about the scaling. Would be nice to have if nothing else a graphic meter showing horizontal and vertical acceleration so can fine-tune a landing.

Yep ! The original arcade games truly are the best ! :)

P#57869 2018-10-12 16:30 ( Edited 2018-10-12 20:30)
:: rosagi

dw817: Forgot to post awhile back, I put in a little hud for hor/vert landing velocity, a few minor niggles. Feedback appreciated!

P#64868 2019-05-30 14:19

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