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I wanted to download an older version of one of my carts and didnt save the cart number or add it to my cart thread. I couldn't find a good way to navigate the BBS to find my old carts. So I downloaded them all (AFAIK) up to 7/22/18.
Here's a link to them all: Download

Let me know if I missed any.

P#54381 2018-07-24 11:26 ( Edited 2018-10-15 15:37)

:: Felice

P#54393 2018-07-24 20:58 ( Edited 2018-07-25 00:58)
:: Felice

That file wasn't as big as I expected, given the current cart ID.

Do some of them simply not exist?

Or am I wrong in assuming you downloaded everything by writing something like this:

for i=1,#carts do
P#54394 2018-07-24 21:01 ( Edited 2018-07-25 01:01)

Cart #54407 | 2018-07-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

(use the pause menu to get the cart number and/or try another one)

P#54408 2018-07-25 02:34 ( Edited 2018-07-25 19:35)

I used c# webclient and went through the web. And yes some of them just dont exist.


I didnt even think of using pico-8! (duh!)

P#54423 2018-07-25 12:34 ( Edited 2018-07-25 16:35)

@spencifier: AFAIK you couldn't do this with pico-8 anyway. load() also runs the cart so you couldn't save it with code. Felice's post was pseudo-code for what you actually did and the cart I posted was just a semi-related random thought :)

P#54425 2018-07-25 15:23 ( Edited 2018-07-25 19:23)

iirc there was a big jump in cart IDs at least once. I stopped maintaining my own crawl shortly after. Glad to have an updated archive for testing purposes! :)

P#54429 2018-07-25 17:54 ( Edited 2018-07-25 21:54)
:: JTE

I'm entirely certain there's some garbage collection going on for carts which don't exist in posts/threads anymore. If you want to keep your old versions accessible, you need to stuff them in a post somewhere, Presumably the bottom of your main thread post in a little hidden spoiler area would be ideal? I think that having multiple carts in the same post keeps all but the first one from showing up in splore, anyway.

P#57969 2018-10-15 07:40 ( Edited 2018-10-15 11:40)
:: dw817

I'd be curious to see an EXE that does download every single PICO-8 cartridge to put into a backup directory. I know we rely on SPLORE, but when if and when it goes down ?

P#57975 2018-10-15 11:37 ( Edited 2018-10-15 15:37)

So, uh, has this been updated with new carts? I'm building my retropie pico8 box and I'd love it to work offline.

P#70048 2019-11-19 23:07

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