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I know there is plans in the future to add a leaderboard system to Pico-8, but I was wondering if there were plans to maybe add a really limited networking system, kind of like a 56K modem. This would allow for some pretty creative ways to interact with servers, websites, and even other carts. One idea of mine was you would host your own leaderboard system on a Heroku app and the distributed carts adding to the leaderboard system. Another idea would be an old-fashioned BBS that used Pico-8 as a frontend. Thoughts?

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The GPIO "pins" can be used in conjunction with Javascript to simulate additional hardware.

Did you see this thread about an Agar.io clone?

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It requires hosting in a web page, not friendly when using a standalone client.

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:: bekey

The leaderboards system will supposedly be able to be used as a really primitive, basic networking system.

Also BBS style websites are already possible using the new cartverse feature.

Here are some links:




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The most helpful thing about networking is a thing I found here: https://neopolita.itch.io/pico8com

It is a very user friendly api that allows you to send messages via a server.

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