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This is Go West. It is a short RPG where the goal is to go west. Here is the comments header with mentions:
-- go west v09
-- by david st-onge
-- august 1 2017
-- base code from collide.p8 by zep
-- wall and actor collisions by zep
-- features added by david st-onge:
-- flip sprite when going left 2017-1-7
-- map sector system 2017-1-7
-- speed multiplier for terrain 2017-1-7
-- added village mode 2017-1-8
-- added title and game state 2017-1-9
-- house scene copied from stroll by parlor interactive
-- moutain scene copied from jelpi 2017-1-8
-- added fade function, code from jelpi by zep 2017-1-9
-- added dialog system 2017-1-10
-- added items system (shield and boots) 2017-11
-- added cinematic mode 2017-1-13
-- added fire ball collision detection 2017-1-14
-- added gameover mode 2017-1-14
-- added second part of the story (boots) 2017-1-16
-- added third part of the story (key) 2017-1-17
-- added fourth part of the story (locked door) 2017-1-17
-- added endgame 2017-1-18
-- added sound effects 2017-7-8
-- only "x" key can be used now to fix endgame skipping bug 2017-8-1
-- ajusted waterfall volume 2017-8-1

P#35683 2017-01-14 15:45


This is a great WIP RPG. I love the topdown mode that goes into side scrolling mode, just like Zelda II on the NES (my first NES game). And the quirky jokes.

I was a bit disappointed nothing happened when I reached the isle... I guess I have to wait for the final version. :)

P#35755 2017-01-15 07:37


Hey thanks for taking the time to play my game and comment ! Yeah, there is about 2/3 of the story left to do. Spoiler: You'll have to find some boots somewhere.

I will also have to figure out how sounds work before version 1 and maybe add a basic fight system for version 2.

Thanks again and stay tuned !

P#35763 2017-01-15 09:24


I also had the Zelda II feeling. I have to say i didn't played Zelda II much b/c i didn't like it that much but i had fun playing this game :)

I'm eager to play the rest of the game/story.

P#35864 2017-01-16 15:58


Thanks for commenting Kozie ! I plan on finishing the game before the end of next week.
Thanks again for playing my game !

P#35883 2017-01-16 20:22


At the risk of sounding like a sheep, Zelda 2 is what came to mind when you go to the side scrolling view :) Looking really cool, I hope you keep working on it!

P#35904 2017-01-17 05:37


Thanks Radcore for the comment :)
UPDATE: 3/4 of the story now completed.
Still have to learn how sound/music works before release :/

P#35906 2017-01-17 09:03


The story have been completed :)
Let me know what you think.
I'll add sound soon.

P#36048 2017-01-18 20:30


Added sound effects !
The game is completed :D
Let me know what you think
Enjoy !

P#42281 2017-07-08 15:03


I liked it! I guess I finished it. It's like Atari Adventure and Zelda had a baby. I love the gameplay and only wish the game was longer because I want to play it more.

P#42331 2017-07-10 16:46


@greentiger: Thanks for playing and commenting ! Make sure you talk to characters before and after they give you items for more quirky dialogs.

P#42387 2017-07-11 20:02


small update to correct endgame skipping bug and waterfall volume

P#42998 2017-08-01 09:59

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