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Cart #wejufegetu-0 | 2024-06-06 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hi again, im here for help...

Does anybody know a quick trifill method? i know @electricgryphon had one somewhere but i didnt find any info about it. i have a simple 3d draft thing with vertecies and lines, but im yet to make it colored, i cant figure out how to, really(no tris no fill, mfw). If anyone knows and can explain, please, do.

Also i wander, ZEP's 3d dots demo uses weak persp projection, right? do... all 3d softwares use weak projection? is there any difference between regular one? is this even a thing? i heard it being mentioned in one of 3d tutorials and i cant really get what it means(ortho projection with depth- whaaaa isnt it just regular persp projection????)

thanks beforehand, just want you guys to know that i love this little community!!!

P#149546 2024-06-06 18:02

You might want to check out my renderer? It's not without bugs (running out of memory) but it works aside from that. Don't ask me anything about perspective projection though, I got my dad to explain it to me lol.

https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=142573 (not the best trifill but it works)

P#149553 2024-06-06 18:55 ( Edited 2024-06-06 20:01)


Here are the trifill codes by option.

--comment rev1
If you want to understand how it works, it is a good idea to try making the following code.

  • Sort three points by Y coordinate
  • Process to fill triangles with a "horizontal bottom"
  • Process to fill triangles with a "horizontal top"
  • Process to divide three random points into the above triangles
P#149562 2024-06-06 23:32 ( Edited 2024-06-07 00:42)

I think you should definitely use those trifills instead of mine lol

P#149563 2024-06-06 23:45

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