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Cart #7564 | 2013-07-25 | Embed ▽ | No License

Cart #9676 | 2015-02-09 | Embed ▽ | No License

Version:1.0 and 1.3.2
Difficulty: vary
Single player

obs: this level is an update to the 0.2.7 level "enchant" (now a broken cartridge, due to updates) which is still there because somewhere in this bbs there was a html test with the old version of voxatron (that I couldn't find the link) and I'm not sure if removing it will be okay to that.

note: the 1.3.2 version adds major fixes, changes to bosses, mini-bosses (they are optional) and monsters in general, upgrades to your character and a special secret, the level is now directed to exploration, allowing you to go to any area out of order but the order you choose will define the difficulty of the cartridge.

enjoy this update!

P#7523 2013-07-20 12:19 ( Edited 2015-02-27 15:57)

ok ... I could finish it easily
using my technique a little to climb the walls
cut the wall with the sword and climb

P#7530 2013-07-20 18:19 ( Edited 2013-07-20 22:19)

well for aesthetics reasons I can't paint the walls with indestructible voxels so I rely on the player, also, only the forest have the walls that you climb(bad players do that), the rest is a little bit tricky, especially when get to the top of the tower, if you used the indestructible voxels the map would get totally weird.

P#7531 2013-07-20 19:26 ( Edited 2013-07-20 23:26)

Ok, no more easy climbing

P#7534 2013-07-20 19:52 ( Edited 2013-07-20 23:52)

Great level Kling. You really found the limits of 0.2.5 :) I somehow got lost in the temple a couple of times -- it's perhaps a good example of where spawn-once will help with the feeling of progress and direction (or alternatively being able to set a whole room as 'completed').

Slightly spoilery preview for anyone curious:

P#7565 2013-07-25 18:28 ( Edited 2013-07-25 22:28)

Thanks there! Well, that's what the maps are for, I used the character from twisty castle as a template for the little heroine, thanks for the preview too, it's awesome!

P#7566 2013-07-25 19:00 ( Edited 2013-07-25 23:00)

I'll probably make a tutorial for this level soon.

P#9678 2015-02-09 13:11 ( Edited 2015-02-09 18:11)

I love this level!

P#9733 2015-02-27 10:57 ( Edited 2015-02-27 15:57)

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