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Cart #slimepires-0 | 2024-05-18 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

A complete remaster of my pico-8 game!

The controls are Z/C to Jump, and X/V = Shoot (or respawn if you become a slimepire)

Because picotron cartridges are much more spacious, I've been able to tidy up the code and comment ALL of it, so if there's anything you're curious about - take a look! It shouldn't be too hard to see how it works.

WARNING: your progress won't be saved playing in a browser! Best to get Picotron and load #slimepires

~ Extras ~
If you tipped $3 or more on the original game at itch, you can get access to new extras including a second video talking about this project and new maps made from in-game screenshots.

~ Links: ~
Return of the SLIMEPIRES! on itch.io
My Patreon and Ko-fi - support things like this <3

P#148590 2024-05-18 14:20


Genuinely fantastic!! So exciting to get to see the potential of Picotron so soon!

P#148612 2024-05-19 00:50


P#148643 2024-05-19 18:27

I got stuck on a half tile on the ceiling. I'm guess I was pressing down when jumping in the air beside it and it registered as a slide.

P#148757 2024-05-21 08:34

What’s the goal of this?

P#149203 2024-05-30 21:58

Wow, I've haven't really checked the picotron BBS for a couple weeks and found this, really stellar, great art and remastering of the original pico8 game! Playable picotron projects like this will probably really help to get more momentum with the console.

P#149259 2024-05-31 21:36

Ma'am, you're a real chief! This game rocks.

P#149462 2024-06-05 04:55

Nice game! I hope we get more games like these for pocotron.

At first I didn’t understand that it was possible to shoot up. Perhaps showing a different stance while standing still and pressing up would have helped me.

P#149517 2024-06-06 07:36

This is great. I did have to sneak a peek at the code for hints on some of the endings, but I'm glad I got them.

P#149544 2024-06-06 17:16

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