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Solitron is a Windows 95 style Solitaire. Sounds, leaderboards and saves are coming.

In the window menu at the top left, you can deal a new game in normal mode (one-card draw) or hard mode (three-card draw). The game starts in normal mode, so to switch to hard mode you must start a new game in hard mode using this menu.


load #solitron


v0.9b (#solitron-12)

  • Reactivates automatic discovery after a card drop which was disabled in v0.9

v0.9 (#solitron-11)

  • Added autocomplete for three card draw mode if there are no hidden cards and the stack is empty
  • Added the ability to discover a card by clicking on it if discovery is not activated automatically

v0.8 (#solitron-10)

  • Added animations when dropping cards
  • Allow multiple animations to be played at the same time (speeds up card dealing for new games)
  • Fixed some missed drops with the new drop system

v0.7 (#solitron-9)

  • Better clarity of numbers
  • Improved area detection when dropping cards
  • Fixed a crash when after passing the stack more than 3 times in hard mode
  • Fixed a bug where the score could be negative with timer

v0.6 (#solitron-8)

  • Added the same score system as Windows 95 Solitaire
  • Animations are accelerated again
  • Fixed draw order for the footer
  • Fixed timer which continued to count down even if the game was successful
  • Fixed flickering for 3-card draw animation at the end of the slide
  • Fixed some graphicals bugs of 3-card draw animation when there is less than 3 cards to draw or when the player has played some cards before draw

v0.5c (#solitron-7)

  • Fixed bad color theme for the footer

v0.5b (#solitron-6)

  • Fixed a crash when the game is played though the html player

v0.5 (#solitron-5)

  • Added three-card draw mode (called hard mode)
  • Added shadow when dragging cards
  • Added a timer (don't count down during animations)
  • Added a footer displaying the difficulty and the timer
  • Fixed a crash when double-clicking on empty visible stack or empty column

v0.4 (#solitron-4)

  • Now the game is played in a window
  • Animations are accelerated

v0.3 (#solitron-3)

  • Added an animation when discovering a card from a column
  • Improved contrast between red and black color cards
  • Fixed a bug when double-clicking to send a card to an objective then moving the cursor to the hidden stack caused a card to be drawn
  • Fixed a bug when, at the end of a game, a new game is created in looped

v0.2 (#solitron-1 and #solitron-2)

  • Added double click to complete the objectives
  • Added auto-completion when all cards are revealed
  • Added sprites for empty stack, empty columns and empty objectives
  • Fixed a bug when dropping more than one card on an objective
  • Fixed a bug creating a shift when dragging a card from stack or an objective
  • Fixed a bug allowing a card of the wrong suit to be added to an objective

v0.1 (#solitron-0)

  • First playable version


P#143826 2024-03-19 13:36 ( Edited 2024-04-04 22:39)


I have quite a problem separating black and red. They are both dark.
And it's the only complaint! Great implementation so far!

P#144203 2024-03-23 10:32

Completed a game, it went thru the animation of putting all the cards into there suits etc then started a game again, and continued to start a new game, again and again and again :(

P#144206 2024-03-23 10:44

Thank you @maleficmax, the contrast has been improved in v0.3

Thank you @Minion, it is fixed in v0.3

P#144229 2024-03-23 16:51 ( Edited 2024-03-26 23:45)

Love this. Very well done!

P#144320 2024-03-24 20:36

Thank you very much @donswelt !

P#144333 2024-03-24 21:59 ( Edited 2024-03-26 23:45)

You can only put kings on empty spots. You should be able to put any card, otherwise it's impossible to win.

P#144938 2024-03-29 05:18

This is really slick. Solid animations and looks great.

Some things I'd love to see in future updates:

  • Keyboard control - move a cursor around with the arrow keys and pick up and move stacks to a destination.
  • Larger "drop" areas when moving cards. I often find that I "miss" dropping a card on the right location.
  • I'd like to be able to double-click a card, and if there's only one place it can legally go, send it there (kinda like you already do with building the piles from ace up).
  • Larger numbers in the corners. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish 5/6/7/8/9 cards, at least for me.
  • Faster animations during dealing and auto-completion.

Impressive that you got this out so quickly. Great little solitaire implementation.

P#144940 2024-03-29 06:17

There's a ton of new games I wanted to check out over the weekend, including the new No Man's Sky update, and here I am, just playing solitaire on a very early access fantasy workstation 🤣

P#144964 2024-03-29 09:57

Thank you for you feedback @Titousensei, but these are the rules of solitaire, or at least those of Windows 95 Solitaire which is the version I played the most.

Thank you @nephilim, in fact I myself was surprised at how quickly it was to create this Solitaire on Picotron, but it must be said that it is a great platform for developing quickly. Regarding your feedback, I wanted to find a way to improve the drop of cards but simply increasing the drop zones was not enough since they were only based on the cursor, I found a new system that works much better, you can test it in 0.7. In this version I have also improved the readability of the numbers, I hope it is better. Keyboard controls as well as faster animations are already in the planning, thanks for the double-click idea I will implement it !

I'm glad you like my Solitaire @donswelt ! Me too since Picotron came out I stopped all my current games !

P#145024 2024-03-29 19:36 ( Edited 2024-03-29 19:38)

Im sorry, but this I do not like. It has to be the biggest waste of time on here. The amount of time I have wasted playing it. Pop on just to see what its like and then waste a good 45 minutes getting sucked in. Nope, I demand this be taken down and give me my life back ;)

Really can't wait for Picotron to appear on Raspberry Pi, The Pi400 will work so well with it, this will be sat there for me to play every chance I get :)

P#145033 2024-03-29 20:05

@Fenouil Yesss, this is a marked improvement! The cards are much easier to read, and I didn't have a single instance of having to re-try dropping a card somewhere. Well done!

P#145035 2024-03-29 20:36

I think I spoke too soon on the card dropping. What I realized is that a lot of solitaire games let you drop cards onto the entire column, not just on the last card in the column, to move them there. I think that's why I'd been getting stymied a bit, having to drop the stack of cards so that the dropped card was on top of the last card in the column. So, I suggest letting the player drop cards anywhere on the column (perhaps with half the margin on the left and right, too).

Oh, also: Undo, for those moments when you accidentally draw a card twice and realize you could have played the one under it.

P#145039 2024-03-29 21:21 ( Edited 2024-03-29 21:30)

Dear customer @Minion, I'm truly sorry that the quality of our Solitaire service didn't meet your expectations. However, we are unable to give back your precious time, but you can start a new game :D I thought the same thing for the PI400!

Yes @nephilim, I still have a few improvements to make on the card dropping! I've also already thought about adding an undo feature, and I'd like to include an options menu as well.

P#145180 2024-03-30 21:54

A win counter would be nice :)

P#145369 2024-04-01 14:45

Yes @donswelt, I plan to add a leaderboard and a win counter !

P#145493 2024-04-02 16:40

I've now spent the last 3 days, the 3 days I was meant to be designing 32 maps, playing this bl**dy game. Please incorporate a bug or 2 so that at some point I'd hit it and have to stop.

P#145509 2024-04-02 19:00

Dear customer @Minion,

We hope that the new animations will make you stop the game due to lack of patience.

The Solitron team

P#145520 2024-04-02 21:00

I've been really enjoying this! The new animations are a big improvement. (And maybe make the celebration animation easier to implement??)

P#145541 2024-04-03 03:56

Thanks @Snail_God. The new animations are due to a system improvement, so it's not easier to implement, but it's already easy to implement. But the autocomplete animation will be improved and I plan to add a celebration animation in the same style as Windows 95 Solitaire.

P#145623 2024-04-03 22:09

Yes, wonderful!! Looking forward to the celebration animation :)

P#145643 2024-04-04 04:13

Minor bug. if you double click a card to add it to the suits pile, it will send the card up but not turn the card over underneath ...but only sometimes.

P#145703 2024-04-04 20:14

Thanks @Minion, I'll investigate this bug !

P#145729 2024-04-04 22:40

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