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Cart #ghettobastler_space_basher-0 | 2024-02-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Hi! This is Space Basher, a game about clearing space debris using a tool that has way too much recoil.

How to play

Move around using the D-pad and grab a debris by holding X. While grabbing, you can adjust the angle of your slice with Left and Right. Releasing X slices the debris in two, and sends you flying in the opposite direction.

Slicing depletes your ship's battery, leaving it unresponsive and without a shield. Hitting a debris without your shield up damages your ship. Three hits without a shield will destroy your ship.
Moving or grabbing a debris for too long will also deplete your ship's energy

You can replenish your energy by hitting one of the beams on the sides of the field, or by waiting for it to recharge.

Some debris have a special effect depending on their color. There is an option in the pause menu to add a label on the colored debris.

About the game

This is my first actual PICO-8 game that isn't a prototype/learning exercise, which ended up being a weird mix of Asteroid, pool and the "bash" move from the Ori games. I use the collision code from NuSan's ComboPool which I modified to take into account the size and mass of the entities.

Hope you like it, thank you for your feedback!

P#141822 2024-02-23 17:06


Great game. The gameplay loop is very enjoyable and I had fun discovering the effects of the special debris!

P#142036 2024-02-27 07:14

I came here from your more recent platformer game, and wow, this is extremely well made. The concept is unique and the gameplay is fun with good mechanics to back it up. I think this has a lot more potential if you want to revisit it in the future.

P#142838 2024-03-12 23:59

@Elfamir Thanks, glad you liked it!

@Munchkin You're too kind! I don't plan on revisiting this exact concept at the moment, but maybe I'll reuse some of the ideas in future games

P#142847 2024-03-13 07:51

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