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Cart #void_protocol_v1-0 | 2021-05-03 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


Left/Right/Up/Down - Move Spaceship
X - Fire Projectile


Fight your way through up to nine levels, firing and collecting your projectile. Can you find all three endings? Defeat the enemies, seal the breach, repeat!

The game is also available to play at https://kevinthompson.itch.io/void-protocol.

Developer Notes

This game was originally created for the first Eggplant Show community game jam (https://itch.io/jam/eggplant-podcast-community-game-jam). I developed everything using an object-oriented structure that resulted in a pretty solid prototype, but ultimately chewed through tokens pretty quickly. I plan to revisit this game in the future in order to reclaim tokens, add more enemies, and possibly bosses and a high score system as well.

The expanded source code for the game is available on Github (https://github.com/kevinthompson/void-protocol-p8).


Music by Gruber (https://www.patreon.com/Gruber99)
Design/Art/Code by Kevin Thompson (https://twitter.com/kevinthompson)

P#91453 2021-05-03 22:17 ( Edited 2021-05-03 22:17)


can't believe this game. Awesome soundtrack and mechanics. 4,5/5

P#91505 2021-05-04 20:34

cool game 7/10

P#91545 2021-05-05 19:01

Soo good. Smooth and tight movement with a well defined scope. Noooice. Will be a frequent play in the favorites library. :)

P#91657 2021-05-07 19:42 ( Edited 2021-05-07 19:43)

Oh this is nice! Good job. Pretty rare to see a shmup with a new mechanic on offer 😄

P#91711 2021-05-09 14:25

your art is great, I would love to see a full game of this (preferably a roguelike because I like roguelikes)

P#101249 2021-12-02 16:27


P#108191 2022-03-07 16:49

You can softlock the game if you bring the eggplant to the tutorial. I think the game really wants a void cell for that part.

P#119041 2022-10-13 12:46

Wouldn't be too sure of that...

P#119045 2022-10-13 14:57

Pretty interesting shooter, @kevinthompson. Gold star work.

Reminds me of the "bit" that you get in R-Type. Here is an example of it, and yes, like yours it is indestructible.


Notice the glowing rotating structure at the front of the player's ship.

This is the "bit," indestructible. And can be launched forward and caught much like this game does - however most players just keep it attached to the front as it makes an impenetrable shield.

P#119054 2022-10-13 17:37

Amazing small game, left me wanting more.

I think i goofed up the boss battle though.

P#119102 2022-10-14 15:55

This is a wonderful game and the exact type of game meant for PICO8. It's also the type of small-yet-engaging game that I always say I'm going to make but then they balloon up once I'm in the depths of code.

Bravo for a well put together game that plays well, delivers immediate fun and works great within the limits.

P#119235 2022-10-17 23:04

Finally go the 3rd ending.

  • Breach Contained
  • Breach Transmuted
  • Breach Destabilized

I guess that's it, then? Fun game. Silly. I like it.

P#119509 2022-10-24 13:58

This was a great little game, thanks for posting!

P#123103 2022-12-27 02:33

Loved this game, finally won in 51 seconds! Amazing shmup, 8/10

P#134912 2023-09-26 13:47

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