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Cart #tebomejosi-1 | 2020-11-03 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Years ago while bored on a train with a deck of cards, I made up this solitaire game (for all I know, it may already exist under another name). So I've turned it into a little Pico-8 cart, my first "finished" game.

(as sounds common, I've started at least 4 other ideas... all in various WIP / playing-around stages, it's just too much fun to try new things...)

Arrange cards to make as many good poker hands as possible. For an extra challenge, play in "Perfectionist" mode where you only score points if you make a pair or better in all 12 hands (across, down, and diagonal), which takes some careful play and a bit of luck.

My personal best score for some time was 44, though I recently managed a 57 when the stars aligned.

P#83439 2020-10-29 05:39 ( Edited 2020-11-03 18:48)

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This is great. Always happy to see good card games on Pico-8.

Good music choice.

I think the scoring is pretty fair. The points aren't on the same curve as a video-poker machine, but that's ok. You've got more control in this game, so rare hands are easier to achieve. Personally, I would like to see extra points for a royal flush, because that'd be something fun to aim for.

This is fun.

P#83441 2020-10-29 06:27

This is so good and so random! :)

P#83648 2020-11-03 06:28

Hi @icegoat:

Please have option to turn off ambience during actual gameplay including tumbleweeds + lizards.

I like what you did here and want to concentrate on the cards.

Thanks !

P#122244 2022-12-11 18:37

Hi @dw817, interesting suggestion, I can add that (I was already going to do a slight rewrite at some point to prepare for future PICO8 online highscores, happy to also add that as an option).

P#123524 2023-01-02 19:13

Note to future self and any other PICO-8 devs who read this: avoid publishing carts with names involving words like 'poker' (and I assume other casino-related words)-- this is the only post of mine that gets recurring spam from bots/people who presumably found it by keyword and who post spam about online gambling sites. I report them as they pop up...

P#123525 2023-01-02 19:17

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