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I have a friend that plays around with PICO 8 and he keeps telling me to buy it. I can't afford one right now, so he's been bugging me for the past week to enter this contest.
I'd like to win so that he stops bothering me about it and if I had PICO 8 I would probably end up using it to build smaller projects and to test concepts for larger projects.

P#65622 2019-07-06 00:10

I would love to make some games on PICO-8. I love the project and the ideas that come out of it, but it's really hard for me to get it on my country. I promise to make at least one good game. Or at least one unique game.

P#65623 2019-07-06 00:24

I've been in love with game design for a lot of my life, and the pixel art style is really intriguing to me.

I've had my eye on PICO-8 ever since it was in Celeste, but my current financial situation means that I cannot yet purchase it.

P#65624 2019-07-06 01:34

A friend of mine introduced me to PICO-8 and I am always in awe of what he can do with it. I want to learn how to make games and PICO-8 sounds like a good place to start.

I would like to games that others would enjoy playing! Its also my dream to create a fun metroidvania and some dumb games for my friends.

P#65625 2019-07-06 03:46

french contenders so far:

P#65626 2019-07-06 08:08 ( Edited 2019-07-06 11:44)

Hello, thank you for the oppoturnity.

I would like to win a copy cause i want to start with game development and i think pico8 would help me to create things with few resources and would be great experience to play around with my ideas and develop my creativity.

P#65627 2019-07-06 13:50

I've been looking to get into gamedev for just about forever, but I'm plagued by analysis paralysis because of the sheer complexity of it.
By being a closed set with clearly defined constraints, I think PICO-8 will help me get started and eventually get something done, probably starting with shmups.

P#65628 2019-07-06 14:23 ( Edited 2019-07-06 20:47)

I am a freelance animator and full time tinkerer wanting to dip my toes in game development. My only previous experience is in doom modding but I'd love to expand my horizons. Though being an artist I can't really afford to spare any money not on living expenses.

If I won I would intend on making some psycadelic experience based games and software though at this time I'm not fully sure of what I would create. My love goes out to all the developers of Pico8 and the gracious people contributing to this giveaway.

P#65630 2019-07-06 16:31

as an solo indie gamemaker I'm pretty interested in pico-8 for a long time now, it's just never had the money to spent for it.

my first tryout would be a rouge-like that has a post apocalyptic setting. really curious about the sound editing features.

P#65632 2019-07-06 17:00

I've been amazed at the games that people are making using Pico-8. I've been tempted multiple tikes to buy but can never justify the purchase as I'm a bit of a cheapskate thinking that there are alternatives out there. So i'm in some kind of limbo just waiting for the next temptation to come.

If given a chance I plan to remake an old mobile game I've made before. It's been a long plan of mine to do this but I have not found the perfect engine for it that is fun to use. And I think Pico8 is that engine.

P#65633 2019-07-06 17:39 ( Edited 2019-07-06 17:40)

I'd like to win so I can gift my niece a copy of Pico 8 for her upcoming birthday and teach her how to code (she's 11).

She likes platformers, so that's probably what we'll be working on together.

P#65639 2019-07-06 19:06

I'm hesitating for a long time to buy pico-8. I guess I'm a bit afraid of the time I will spent on this elegant game system.
Greetings from France ^^

P#65640 2019-07-06 19:34

Why: I've always been passionate with gaming - as a kid and now as a teen. The ever more growing number of indie devs have been a great view into the world of, well, developing games. As not having a lot of coding practice this far, I'd like to try my best in Pico-8!
What: I don't know yet, I would bet on some little funny RPG tho, as they in my opinion are the most memorable since they don't take long yet are funny enough to fall into memory.

P#65642 2019-07-06 20:25

Well, I'm a huge fan of retro gaming stuff.
A few hours ago I found PICO-8 browsing on the net and... you can understand how much I'm loving it.

If I get it... I suppose I'll check the manual first.

The only thing I "coded" in my life was the vacation week.

But don't give up.
I would like to create something cool and funny once I learned how to do it. :D

P#65644 2019-07-06 21:14 ( Edited 2019-07-06 21:17)

I wanted some kind of a stronghold to start trying creating something on Lua, and with that so i found out about PICO-8.
I want to start things off with creating some puzzles to make sure that i understand basics of Lua, and then getting to create actual games off that.

P#65645 2019-07-06 21:46

I would love a copy of Pico-8 because I'm a (very broke) pixel artist and designer, coding isn't my strong point and I would love the ability to start with a simple user friendly platform and make a few fun games to share! Thanks for doing this!

P#65646 2019-07-06 21:52 ( Edited 2019-07-06 23:57)

I really like the looks of Pico-8, and since i would like to become a game dev this is a nice opportunity to begin working on it! Also a great opportunity to learn another useful programming language! I'd like to create a roguelike or a metroidvania with it!

P#65647 2019-07-06 22:15

I’ve always wanted to get into game design. I’d make a platformer/rogue-like.

P#65649 2019-07-06 23:10

Thanks for doing this giveaway!

I've just graduated from college, as a new fledged noobie programmer (mostly in C#)! I was never the best in my classes and usually fell short or around average because the assignments given to me I found to not inspire me, but I want to further myself by making things I like, like games! Right now I'm looking for work and it's pretty tough, especially since I'm almost broke. I'd love to try and create a game (something I've had in my mind for a while) in my spare time, something I can be proud of and better my skills.

P#65651 2019-07-06 23:40

Thank you for your good chance.
I want to give PICO-8 to my daughter.
(from japan)

My daughter is an elementary school student and is interested in making games. PICO-8 is a reasonable price, but it could not be spent for elementary school students to produce. (Even from my pocket money, various factors are not allowed.)

Get great tools and let my daughter focus on creation.
Best regards

P#65650 2019-07-06 23:40

The PICO-8 Giveaway period has now ENDED.

It'll take a moment to collate the last few donor submissions & gather all the entrants' usernames for the draw.

In the meantime... I'd just like to take this moment to thank every single person above, for sharing their stories & aspirations with us. ❀
I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to fulfil those dreams soon. πŸ€“

Which brings me onto the the other "thank you" I'd like to make:
to our amazing PICO-8 community (and beyond), who saw an opportunity to take a simple "seed" of an idea, and grow it into a beautiful forest of possibilities, for so many more individuals than I could've helped alone. πŸ™


Well, by a wonderful coincidence (and by sheer community generosity),
...there are the SAME number of entrants as there were licenses donated!


This has made the giveaway draw VERY straightforward indeed! πŸ˜…

Next Steps

So, could everyone who entered above please e-mail me with your: username and user id,
...and one of our generous donors will e-mail you soon with a PICO-8 license key πŸ€“
(hopefully within the next day or two)

NOTE: Your user id can be found by clicking your profile image next to your entry post, then look for the number at end of the browser URL (e.g. "uid=12345")
Don't worry if you can't find your user id - it might just take a little longer to confirm your id without it. πŸ˜‰

While you are waiting for your license - be sure to check out the official PICO-8 Resources page.
This is the best place to start creating with PICO-8.
Here you'll find video tutorials, electronic Zines, support communities such as the Discord server, and much more!


Thank you all again to all our very generous donors! πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™

And to our new PICO-8 community members?
We're looking forward to seeing what you create in the future - good luck! πŸ€“

P#65654 2019-07-07 00:00 ( Edited 2019-07-07 09:36)

You all are AMAZING

P#65666 2019-07-07 07:10

Just wow. You're awesome. Thanks in advance! ^^

P#65667 2019-07-07 07:23


P#65669 2019-07-07 09:37

This is amazing! Thank you :)

P#65670 2019-07-07 09:45

I want to consider a new approach called Fantasy Consoles. I am keen to experiment and learn a little bit about many of the different consoles that are out there. After looking around, I'd love to start digging a bit deeper into PICO-8.

P#65672 2019-07-07 11:45


P#65673 2019-07-07 12:42

Thank you all very much :D

P#65674 2019-07-07 12:50

Damn, this was super cool of everyone

P#65675 2019-07-07 14:21

Hoooooo this is awesome

P#65678 2019-07-07 15:32

omg, i am really thank you all to give this opportunity,, you are awesome

P#65680 2019-07-07 16:05

OMG, this is wonderful, thank you to everyone that donated the keys, thanks for giving us this opportunity.

P#65683 2019-07-07 21:28

Aaaaand I got my copy! Thank y'all very very much!

P#65685 2019-07-07 22:54

thanks a million!

P#65686 2019-07-07 23:19

Just sent the email to get my key. Thanks so much! You all are super awesome, and I can't wait to try this out!

P#65687 2019-07-07 23:57

Thank you so much for hosting this and double thanks for all who donated!

P#65688 2019-07-08 00:55

Got mine! Immediately jumped into coding! Thank you again to everyone!

P#65689 2019-07-08 01:36 ( Edited 2019-07-08 01:36)

This is amazing. Thank you so much for this generosity! I sent my email; I cannot wait to get started!

P#65694 2019-07-08 04:45

Thank you, a wonderful gesture and very generous of the community

P#65698 2019-07-08 10:23

Thank You!!! I'll create Worlds with PICO 8.
From: BrazilπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

P#65701 2019-07-08 14:56

I'm still waiting for the following users...


...to e-mail me with their: username and user id,
so that one of our generous donors can e-mail them their PICO-8 license keys! πŸ€“

P#65703 2019-07-08 18:50

Hi @Liquidream just checking in if my email was already checked in or not yet. I've sent it yesterday and thought it might be lost in your inbox or something.

Cheers, thanks!

P#65713 2019-07-09 04:04

Hi @kesadisan,
Yes - I did indeed receive your e-mail (thanks).
Your details are already with a donor, who will be "gifting" you a copy of PICO-8 as soon as they are able to.
(Should hopefully be within the next couple of days πŸ˜‰)

P#65716 2019-07-09 06:17

Cool, thanks for your work @Liquidream :D

P#65717 2019-07-09 06:45

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