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Cart [#fuwtonis-5#] | Code | 2019-08-10 | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA | Embed

This is my new game, inspired by classic Moon Patrol arcade from Irem
difference is you can't jump and got O=shoot up X=Shoot foward
left=slow down right=speed up shooting ufos that shoot ya and rock obstacle


update rev.2 2019-04-03
added attrack mode with demo/intro gameplay altering with title. (Arcade vibe!!)

P#62753 2019-03-12 01:39 ( Edited 2019-08-10 21:25)


I like the reflection effect on the ground when there's an explosion; clever use of palette swapping!

P#62756 2019-03-12 03:08

Fun! It looks great. I love the way the little rover bounces and the wheels follow the ground.

It's also really hard! Pretty often the ground would dip in front of me and then place a rock there, so I had to get really close to shoot. The flying enemies are really quite hard to hit, and it doesn't look like your explosions (which look AWESOME btw) have a hitbox, so you can only hit 1 at a time.

Not sure how I would fix it, but it may not need to be, it's a pretty simple game. Looks awesome. Nice job!

P#63063 2019-03-27 13:43

Very nice and playable game.

P#63070 2019-03-27 18:14

Nice. I remember the old game used to have a jump as well.

P#63109 2019-03-29 17:41 ( Edited 2019-03-29 17:41)

new update, now 5 digits score and high score display!

P#63479 2019-04-13 18:37

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