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Cart #17182 | 2015-11-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Player 1 - Arrow keys
Player 2 - ESDF

Splash more puddles than your opponent before time runs out.

I think I'll have to call it done for now. But it's playable and there's a win condition, so I'm pretty happy.

-Draw order is fixed
-Timer and win condition
-Puddles don't refill when player is standing on them

Cart #17117 | 2015-11-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

-Rain and SFX
-Collision with playground equipment is working

Still need to work on draw order for the sprites.

Cart #17087 | 2015-11-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hey everyone! Been messing with Pico-8 for a few weeks now and I love it. This game jam seemed like good incentive to make an account and finish my first Pico-8 game. I don't really have any game development experience but I'm having fun learning.

The object is to splash more puddles than the other player. Puddles will reappear after a short time. Right now it's just 2 players. A CPU player probably won't happen before the jam ends, but I'd like to continue working on the game and figure that out.

To do:
-Jumping, splashing and puddle filling animations
-Game end, either a timer or a score to reach
-Collision with playground equipment
-Title screen
-SFX and maybe music

P#17089 2015-11-27 02:04 ( Edited 2017-10-04 23:03)

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Aww, this is adorable! :D Good job!

P#17091 2015-11-27 02:23 ( Edited 2015-11-27 07:23)

Sooo sweeet. I'm sure I'm not the only one who simulated playing on every piece of playground equipment.

P#17095 2015-11-27 05:41 ( Edited 2015-11-27 10:41)

That's a great rendering of a roundabout for something that had to fit in 16x16 pixels. :D

P#17098 2015-11-27 10:45 ( Edited 2015-11-27 15:45)

Thanks everyone! New version is up.

P#17118 2015-11-28 03:22 ( Edited 2015-11-28 08:22)

Reminds me of my youth...

P#17192 2015-11-29 14:29 ( Edited 2015-11-29 19:29)

This put a smile on my face :)

I think it would be nice if you could add a splash button for each character and, when they are on a puddle, make the puddle dissapear little by little by pressing it repeatedly. Just an idea.

P#17254 2015-11-30 06:49 ( Edited 2015-11-30 11:49)

I can remember when I made it in real life... Splash... lol

P#17299 2015-11-30 13:52 ( Edited 2015-11-30 18:52)

Nice mood

P#17318 2015-12-01 07:38 ( Edited 2015-12-01 12:38)

Not even in the early optimistic days of youth, when we are at our most innocent, can we evade the impulses of our deepest and oldest nature, the human drive to compete even when cooperation would be most effective, even when the object of competition is so transient, so insignificant, as scattering puddles even while it still rains. To have one's nature exposed directly to one's face, to see all the pits and wrinkles and scars, to be forced to bear it all in one powerful moment, is what it means to experience what it is you imbued upon your canvas.

P#17348 2015-12-01 11:34 ( Edited 2015-12-01 16:34)

So bouncy and nice. What a pleasant idea.

P#17579 2015-12-07 01:50 ( Edited 2015-12-07 06:50)

Cute, neat game, but for whatever reason W to move the dog up didnt work. I included it in my Pico-8 Jam #1 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHEiGl10Aw8

P#17658 2015-12-10 04:36 ( Edited 2015-12-10 09:36)

Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone. It's been a little while since I've replied. Whoops! I've decided to turn this into a puzzle game. I'm giving it a complete overhaul and it's already drastically different. Hopefully I can have a WIP up before too long.

@Sanju - Thanks! I wanted the characters to jump into the puddles and splash water but I wasn't able to implement it.

@Jupiter_Hadley - I forgot to add instructions for the game. Player 2 controls are ESDF. And nice work on the video!

P#17700 2015-12-11 11:17 ( Edited 2015-12-11 16:17)

Is there universal code to make rain like that?

P#44915 2017-10-04 19:03 ( Edited 2017-10-04 23:03)

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