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Cart #celeste_classic_collab-1 | 2023-01-16 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Celeste Classic collab

Mimicking the idea of collaborative map pack mods from celeste's steam release, this cart has 3 maps from individual celeste modders, assembled in the form of a multicart.



Contains a few new mechanics and has a special secret route, if you're having trouble finding it you should

explore the second room a bit more


A mod containing several new mechanics. While there is no secret route, there are still a few secrets hidden in various places.

Roundelie Adventure 8

A difficult puzzle focused mod utilizing some of the more obscure mechanics of celeste for beating levels. If you need some help, you can reveal the spoilers. Remember that the enter menu has a reset level button if you get stuck.

Some of the levels have blocks that you need to click with your mouse to place in a certain spot

There are several ways of going left. Jumping off a right facing wall while not holding any keys will bring you further left

If you dash after jumping off a right facing wall, you will dash left

Note that we will still are accepting entries after the release! If you're interested in submitting something, ping @coolelectronics on the celeste classic discord server

Thanks to everyone who submitted a cart!


  • Based on Evercore, made by taco360, meep, akliant, and gonengazit
  • Original game by Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry


  • Submission by ooooggll
  • 2 lines of code borrowed from Celeste Flip, by calverin
  • Some code from Volcana, by Kris De Asis, gonengazit, taco360, and RubyRed
  • Granny's house from Celeste Classic 2
  • Music: Starjump by Lena Raine, arranged by ummmm_ok


  • Submission by coolelectronics

Roundelie adventure 8

  • Submission by Lord Snek
P#124403 2023-01-16 18:11

One of the best collaborations I've ever seen. 12/10

P#124404 2023-01-16 18:55

Look Mom, I'm on TV!

P#124448 2023-01-17 03:48

how to do this with the gemskip??

P#124519 2023-01-18 18:51


jump up and wall jump off the left wall, fall a bit then dash up and right and aim for the corner of the ceiling. near the corner of the ceiling do a walljump off the wall and immediately hold left. its quite a rng setup but it works

i’ve never played full celeste before, but this came really close. one of the best mods ive played <3

P#124524 2023-01-18 20:06

was this supposed to be possible??
and there is another level that has a autoscroller breaker(this one i feel like it was on purpose)

you can reach up here without using the cloud to go up
not criticizing,cool collab and cool map,i just want to know if this was intentional

P#124612 2023-01-21 01:20

Get an error when I go on Roundelie adventure 8

P#125269 2023-02-04 02:34

please explain how to do this its been half a fucking hour and i going insane :D

P#126104 2023-02-20 23:48


P#126556 2023-03-03 16:45

somebody please explain to my tiny pea brain how to do level one of roundile adventure

P#129666 2023-05-12 15:39

how is speed tech supposed to help i know speed tech

P#129758 2023-05-15 18:13


P#130318 2023-05-30 17:05

Roundelie Adventure 8 walkthrough

100 M

Go as far right as you can without softlocking, walljump, dash up, and walljump again.
You should land on a platform, from there, dash left, jump, and dash left until you hit the wall.
From there, jump, walljump, dash up-right, and corner kick to finish the level.
If you miss the corner kick, just try again.

Some Assembly Required

Place the block at the right edge of the screen. Walk to it, jump, and walljump.
When you land, dash left, jump, and dash left again (don’t worry, the pixel window for regaining your dash is larger).
Walk to the wall, jump, walljump, dash up, walljump, dash up-right, and walljump.


Place the block near the wall, with about 2-3 blocks of distance, and make sure it’s high enough.
Dash up-right to stand on the block, then jump, walljump, dash up-right, and walljump.

Perspective Change

This isn’t much of a puzzle, more of an introduction to the green directional orb, but it’s here for completeness.
Go to the wall, jump, dash up, walljump on the upper wall, and hold right.
Once you’re on the ledge, hit the orb. This orb makes it so you can go left, but not right, similar to how at the start of the map you can only go right, but not left.
At this point, go left, jump to the walls and walljump to finish the level.

Applied Geometry*

Place the block in the pit so you can reach the cloud.
Walk off the block and dash to land on the block. Jump and dash to the cloud.
Once on the cloud, do a 4bsc, jump and dash up.

Explanation of a 4bsc:
A 4bsc, or 4-block spike clip, is an easy enough piece of spike tech. Simply jump, then near immediately, but not too soon, dash up-diagonal. 4bscs and their taller counterpart 5bscs (jump and dash up, then hold toward the block) are consistent enough to be used in semi-casual play.


Place the block over the pit, high up but low enough to land on. Wait to place the orb.
Jump and dash to the block, then empty dash (dash without a directional input) between the spikes and the spring. The reason for the empty dash is so you don’t go too far right.
Walljump up to the next ledge, jump and move right toward the wall, then click on the player (Madeline, Celia, whoever she’s supposed to be). This places the orb right on top of her, immediately activating it.
Jump, then walljump and hold left, and finally dash up-left.

SNEK’s Blocks

Jump, dash up, walljump, and hold right. Jump and hold right to line up with the wall. When you land, do the same thing to the left, and up-left dash at the end. Finally, hold right, jump, dash up-right, and corner kick.

Companion Cube

Like Perspective Change, this is only really here for completeness. Jump, dash up, and click under the player, and repeat that a couple times.

Turn Around

Place the block so you can reach it.
Get to the side of the block, walljump, and click under the player once her speed drops. Do a companion maneuver (what you did in the last level), then dash left, jump, and dash up.


Place the block against the right wall.
Walljump off of the block and immediately dash left to get under the left structure, then walk to the right until you hit the orb.
Walk left, and place the block so that the player can walljump off of it and dash up after speed is lost, then place it under the player. Do some companion maneuvers, then dash left, jump, and dash up.


Another easy level, just here for completeness.
Dash up, then place the block below the player. Then dash up to touch the flag.

*does not use intended solution
I just hope there’s not secrets…

P#138165 2023-12-02 23:17 ( Edited 2023-12-10 12:34)

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