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Hello, @zep.

This is a simple request. I would like a key, perhaps "V" to turn on and off the text that appears on top of a cart's logo in Splore.

For instance, you can see HERE:

Some very nice art drawn of the soldiers by @paranoidcactus. I would like a key to hide the text that appears below the half of the screen so it can be fully seen and appreciated. Bonus if you can still navigate using UP and DOWN arrow keys while hiding the text.

A bonus command of showlabel() would also be nice so no-one would need to include code to draw their logo each time. You merely call that and it transfers the LABEL data to the screen. To make sure no-one uses this just for data though you could set it so when you do Show Label, one of two things happens:

  1. Show label, wait for keystroke, clear screen.
  2. Show label. No way to read pixels or even memory for it but can draw on top of it, like score, level, information, etc.

Would anyone else like this ability ?

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hiding the label in SPLORE is a great suggestion that i would appreciate

adding a command that shows the label in-game is not so great.
on real cartridges, it's not possible to magically get the label if it's not stored on the cartridge:
it's a sticker, completely separate from the software; labels on PICO-8 cartridges should emulate this.
in PICO-8 0.2.5e, i like how if you want to show the label in the game, you have to find a strategy to store it on the cart itself

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