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The other day I pasted together a mockup to see what Picotron could look like on a 4:3 CRT monitor, see photos below.
I noticed the display spec for Picotron says 480x270. @zep, Have you considered allowing other video modes, like 320x240?

P#122757 2022-12-20 20:44


@Jammigans, you might be interested in an article I wrote that if accepted would grant Pico-8 many different resolutions as you stated - without using more memory.


This should also work for the new Picotron.

P#122769 2022-12-20 21:15

@dw817 Thank you for sharing! It seems like you did some quite elaborate work on that matter. 🙂

P#122839 2022-12-22 09:44

I'm so excited for picotron :) this looks nice

P#122881 2022-12-23 04:04

Thank you, @Jammigans. Yes, I have.

Personally if we get no other resolution I would like to get one that uses up every byte of regular screen memory and gives you B&W. I have long drawn many original pictures and sprites in the past for 2-color 1-bit graphic systems - and they would really shine seen today.

P#122884 2022-12-23 07:13

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