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@zep as you know has made many changes to the ASCII character set since Pico-8 first came out. I did not see a cart that shows all the ASCII characters let alone the newest ones. So here you have one I wrote.

Also you can continue to work on your main code and run this in a new Pico-8 environment.

Yep, you can run more than one copy of Pico-8 and refer to this as needed when you are working on your code with ALT-TAB to swap between Window tasks.

And there are some special characters you can try right now. For instance once the table is up you will notice a BELL on character 7.

Try it out. In your code or immediate mode type out:


Ha, I remember reading my first Apple ][ manual and it worded right in there after you typed out the example of print chr$(7)


Well we're beyond that now, but feel free to try out the table. Press (O) to progress through the 4-pages and (X) to swap between decimal and hexadecimal notation.

The extra characters after the bell in YELLOW are Backspace, Tab, ENTER, Home, and the ESCAPE key.

If you look in the sprite set you'll see a set of super skinny hexadecimal characters. Even then I couldn't put 8-across which is what I was shooting for. I may use that set somewhere else later though.

You can also use this table as a quick study for matching hexadecimal digits with regular decimal up to 255. Press (X) to swap between the two.

The cart features a new effervescent effect I was playing with. Fizzy ! And you don't even need a glass of Sprite to do it. :)

Enjoy !

P#100125 2021-11-14 18:28 ( Edited 2021-11-14 18:42)


I can see that you're production value has gone up by alot, great stuff. I love the new text scrolls and effects you've added to your work. This will really come in handy, because I usually program this chart by hand each time I need it :D. Keep it up

P#100137 2021-11-14 23:29


Hi Scrub ... Thanks.

I apologize for leaving you in the rough - well, with that other language. It just didn't look at all user-friendly to me. There is supposed to be a new Pico-8 coming out though called PICOTRON.


Yes I have many questions about Picotron, but they'll keep for now. :)

The main reason I'm back into Pico is because it does run on my cellphone, and offline. While this isn't APK it's pretty darned close when running in P8 which is designed for cellphones.

And of course that means thousands if not millions of people can see it here.

I also wrote a bunch of games back on the Apple ][ when I was in my tweens and none of which I have tried writing in Pico-8 yet.

And you know we still have a ton of ideas we haven't done anything with. You have always been very good with the music in Pico-8.

And Pico-8 is fine for me. If you want me to code something for you just give me the say so - and yes, please provide your very good music for the final packages.

Just keep me away from slippery platformers and their math is all I ask. Turn-based grid-based intellectual games though, I'm there coding for that !

Blitz is good to program in yet being only for Windows I think we'll reach a larger target audience with Pico-8 and upcoming Picotron.

I haven't checked into the clubhouse in a-while, would you like me to with the understanding I'm coding in Pico now ?

P#100140 2021-11-15 01:47

Does this still work in 0.2.5c? characters 0-15 and 27 seem to not show up. (trying on macos)

P#117350 2022-09-13 13:24

Characters <16 are control codes, not printable characters.
27 should be a kind of dot.

(note that this thread is mistitled, PICO-8 uses its own P8SCII not ASCII)

P#117357 2022-09-13 15:05

@merwok, this was written before P8SCII I believe ... or at least before I knew about it.

To both of you guys including @evn, yep, those special characters can definitely appear. Try this:


Press CTRL+V

And for character 1:


Press CTRL+V

P#117364 2022-09-13 15:38 ( Edited 2022-09-13 15:39)

Thanks it worked! Sadly chr(7) and chr(8) are now underlined 7 and 8 respectively instead of the bell icon. I was hoping to use the bell for a pico1k project lol. Any ideas if it's still available in 0.2.5c?

P#117365 2022-09-13 15:46

@evn. I have to laugh.

I'm reminded of the Apple ][ computer when I doodled that bell icon for CHR(7). Here now you will see that ZEP has made it do exactly what the Apple ][ does. It BEEPS !



And you will hear a lovely BEEP through your speakers. I remember the original instructions said, "Sorry if that scared the cat." Charming days back when computers were just getting started.

But ... who knows, maybe ZEP will borrow my little bell so all the characters have icons instead of sounds. You are certainly welcome to doodle it in P8SCII.


I personally would be sorry to see that little audio chirp go as it hearkens back 40-years ...

P#117371 2022-09-13 16:12 ( Edited 2022-09-13 16:17)

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