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Cart #arkamoin-1 | 2022-06-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | Forks ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

This is just another block breaker. I wanted to make one for a long time now. This one is tiny, fast-paced and unforgiven.

The first three stages are always static. After that you get randomized levels. The blocks with the exclamation marks need two hits and are shooting at you when you remove them. Every few levels there is a boss block to defeat.

There are four different extras to pick up:

Red pill: laser (destroy bricks in front of the bat)
Blue pill: Super ball (moves through bricks)
Yellow pill: Closes the wall at the bottom of the screen for a short time so it's save for the ball to hit the bottom edge.
Green pill: Glue that glues the ball on your bat for two times.


  • added empty space to high score routine
  • new cart images

Have fun!

P#113641 2022-06-25 20:23 ( Edited 2022-06-28 08:12)


Nice. Probably the most frantic Arkanoid clone on Pico-8. My only issue is that you can only enter a minimum of 3 initials on the high score entry. Not good for those of us who only have 2 initials in our name.

P#113654 2022-06-26 07:49 ( Edited 2022-06-26 14:00)

@timeandspace You're right. I forgot about the space key. Oops. Ich will add it in the next version soon.

P#113656 2022-06-26 08:12

IIRC 3 letters score entries are pretty much standard since the seventies, TAS ;)

Very nice game donswelt!

P#113773 2022-06-28 19:36 ( Edited 2022-06-28 19:43)
:: sulai

Underrated game! Amazing!

P#113775 2022-06-28 20:43

@ultrabrite - yes, three letters is standard, but those old games usually had a space and / or a full stop or dash to accomodate people with only two char initials.

P#113776 2022-06-28 20:45
:: Yurijh

Great work!

P#113829 2022-06-30 08:19

The music is awesome.

P#114650 2022-07-22 19:16

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