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Cart #drop_coin-0 | 2022-01-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Drop Coin is an endless game inspired by coin drop games such as Plinko and Nintendo Land's "Coin Game".

Try to see how many stages you can complete with your starting coin count, and earn bonus coins by completing a stage in 10 coins or less. Each difficulty has it's own starting coin count.

Click, Tap, Z, or X - Drop Coin

P#105434 2022-01-20 19:30


Good ball control, @CarsonK. Sort of like a vertical Pachinko. I would reward the player for hitting targets though. Perhaps gain 10-balls gained in completing every level.

Encourages player to not use more than 10-balls to complete level. Also show level of play and score during gameplay

P#105436 2022-01-20 19:55

Really excellent hit detection and bounce physics all around. I've always wanted to make one of these in real life, but never considered making one in digital form.

Great job!

P#105456 2022-01-21 03:22

Great job! I love the minimalist artstyle and I admire the extra polish and care (I live for menus that mimic actual gameplay :D )

I've had my share of a target not activating when the ball was close, so maybe I would increase the hit detection a tiiiny bit?

P#105475 2022-01-21 17:47

fun little game!

P#107597 2022-02-24 14:34

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