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Cart #pengo-1 | 2022-05-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

My Pico-8 version of the 1982 Sega arcade game.


[X] - Push block/ electrify wall

Thanks To

Finn for testing
Paul Niven ( @NiVZ) for creating such a cool logo (for the third time!)
PICO-8 for creating an awesome "fantasy console"

Version History

  • 0.80 - 06-Dec-2021 - Released
  • 0.81 - 21-May-2022 - Fixed crash when pengo spawned on block below diamond
P#101847 2021-12-07 05:39 ( Edited 2022-05-21 09:09)


Yessss! Ever since PICO-8 came out I've dreamed of a Pengo remake, very excited to see a good one!

I'd enjoy a smidge of control tuning. I feel like I'm getting stuck on corners a bit, probably because I have to wait until I'm in the next tile before my next input is accepted. Same for a push: I'm not allowed to move until the cube I've pushed has made it all the way to a stop, so nearby enemies have an edge. Making these cases more flexible probably belies the original game, which I don't recall being as fast to begin with and may not have needed such game feel tweaks. :)

Great work!

P#101850 2021-12-07 07:33

Great version! Really enjoyed it. The enemies do seem to have an edge on you though especially when it speeds us.

P#101851 2021-12-07 08:57

so epic! <3
have a star! :)

P#101876 2021-12-07 15:59

Thanks for all the kind comments. I did a fair bit of tuning of the player/ bee speeds based on the arcade version but also what felt "right" to me. I personally haven't had any issues with the controls but that's probably because I've play tested it a lot!

P#101933 2021-12-07 18:28

Really an excellent game, thanks a lot :)

P#101980 2021-12-07 22:40

One of the best Pengo ports I've ever seen - fast, slick, tuneful and rock-hard. Brilliant.

P#102033 2021-12-08 15:01

Really nice! A bit fast, for me, but I suppose it gives it a more modern feel. Well done

P#102090 2021-12-08 23:24

Great music!

P#102140 2021-12-09 01:27

cool, but it's hard :|

P#105779 2022-01-28 00:03

Ah, I remember when there was a Pengo arcade machine in the bowling alley me and my friends used to go to when I was 11

P#107037 2022-02-16 14:47

It was a great game back in the day. I think we're all showing our age though 😁

P#107057 2022-02-16 19:48

invincibility diff

< ps_dying=99
> ps_dying=0
P#124291 2023-01-14 13:43 ( Edited 2023-01-14 13:44)

This was really well executed, but there have been quite a few times where I was unable to push an ice block or shock the wall when I probably should have been able to. Still gets a star from me!

P#124297 2023-01-14 16:34

Really fun. Well done.

Act 2 victory screen seems like an epilepsy hazard?

Why am I getting the devkit keyboard enabled message?

P#125147 2023-02-02 02:57

@shastabolicious, I usually turn devkit on to allow a few special keyboard inputs. Mainly Q to return to the titles.

Good point. I’ll add an epilepsy warning. I’ve added it to one of my other games. Didn’t even cross my mind with this one.

P#125159 2023-02-02 08:50

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