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How the hot crispy kentucky fried F are you supposed to proceed in this?

P#78276 2020-06-19 11:23

Crashes when I try to move using PICO-8 v0.2.1b


P#81382 2020-08-30 23:18

@krajzeg seconding the crash issue - would you know the reason?


P#83230 2020-10-23 04:33 ( Edited 2020-10-23 04:33)

Absolutely love this. An old favourite remastered. Well done!

P#83244 2020-10-23 15:23

it also crashes for me, so could you fix that please?
it seems the game crashes when the level name tries to show up

P#84338 2020-11-16 22:14

The crashes were due to a breaking change in PICO-8 0.2.1b. They should be fixed now on the cart side, since 0.2.1c (which has a fix) is taking its sweet time to get released.

P#84808 2020-11-28 18:40

This game is on speedrun.com, if anyone wants to try to play for speedy victory instead of a high score.

@krajzeg Do you check in on Newgrounds anymore? I sent you a message about a medal glitch in this game there a while back.

P#84818 2020-11-29 01:54

With all the great games on pico-8, it can sometimes be hard to find ones that, although fun, are truly polished. This is a wonderful exception to that rule. Keep making great games like this!

P#93270 2021-06-09 20:54

Really liking this. It's kind of annoying that healing potions seem to despawn in literally three seconds, though.

P#98584 2021-10-13 15:52

A nice game! Just started a few minutes ago so obviously, I'm not good at it. But a knightly game indeed

P#105418 2022-01-20 15:22

Playing this game again, @krajzeg. Could you have a progress meter showing the distance - how far the player is from completing the level ? It might look something like this:

Cart #nufipomede-0 | 2022-01-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

And Gold Star given where there wasn't one before. Good challenging battler. Well done.

P#105442 2022-01-20 22:13 ( Edited 2022-01-20 22:15)

The looks good, is juicy, good music but is just not fun. For example, how you cant turn when attacking/charging. Becouse if this you cant hit teleporting enemies, becouse they teperort behind you before you can even charge up. Then you need to turna around and charge again, and the same repeats.

P#115969 2022-08-18 06:52

@kollumos Strange that you don't find it fun as this is one of my go-to games when I want a 5 minute whack-em-up. But if you don't find it fun - well I guess everyone likes different things...

Regarding the difficulty: this is a difficult game and you have to learn the attack patterns of the enemies. Re: teleportation - You are referring to the witches. You can block them when they attack and you know they are always going to teleport behind you. Block and when they are stunned, get in for a good hit.

Good luck. I do hope you get pleasure out of the game and if not there are many other pico-8 cartridges out there.

P#115974 2022-08-18 11:22

Finally S ranked every difficulty...
This is probably my favorite Pico-8 game

P#117252 2022-09-12 06:20

Very nice

P#119291 2022-10-19 06:17

I LOVE this game! An absolute masterpiece, so addictive and fun to play. I've won on easy and normal so far, hoping to add hard mode to the list!

P#129615 2023-05-10 17:26

Hard mode complete... now it's time for nightmare...

P#129659 2023-05-12 13:41 ( Edited 2023-05-12 13:47)

Wow such a great game, kinda wish I wasn't horrible at it
have you ever thought of allowing embeded playback?

P#149611 2024-06-07 23:53

Wow...I've got a serious case of the Mandela effect going on here...I went back to play this game again because I wanted inspiration for doing a sunrise on an ocean (similar to the moonrise on the ocean in this game) in my game, and I could swear it was in the middle of the screen during gameplay as well...haha...brains are funny

P#149976 2024-06-15 10:38

@gradualgames Messed with the composition when it was in the middle! Also wanted the effect of the castle in the background being highlighted by the moon once you get to the end of the stage.

My personal inspiration for the effect was the sunset in IK+ on the Amiga, so let's continue the chain further :)

P#149992 2024-06-15 20:03

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