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Cart #zitiresiku-2 | 2021-06-11 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Feedback is a blessing from heaven.

While I was working on my other game, SEDEACRE, I had this idea for a tank-like game, with a few twists, of sorts. So far, it doesn't really have anything interesting, but I've got most of the graphics working. Now I just need to add collision, bullets, enemies, etc., and then I can get started working on the "actual" part of this project. Also, press x to "pew pew!"

More development information listed below.

Tank Game Changelog:


  • Updated the tank movement
  • Added control for the tank's turret


  • Updated tank movement
  • Updated sprites
  • Updated audio
  • Code cleaning (removed over half of the symbols used in 0.0.1)


  • Completed the first working demo of Tank Game

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Cart #mipohfage-6 | 2021-06-07 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


Feedback is a blessing from heaven.


  • arrow keys to move
  • o button (z) to place the tile
  • x button (x) to skip the tile

More development information listed below.

SEDEACRE Changelog:


  • Updated the UI to include information on previously placed tiles
  • Added an in-game restart option


  • Added a new "inn" tile
  • Rebalanced the tiles
  • Updated a few of the tile sprites
  • Removed temporary debugging numbers from the UI
  • Reenabled the start menu
  • Updated the label image for the cart


  • Patched a bug that caused an infinite loop on a random turn
  • Changed the number of allotted skips from 3 to 2
  • Added two temporary numbers to the UI for debugging
  • Temporarily disabled the start menu for quicker debugging
  • Updated the label image for the cart


  • Added a simple start menu
  • Changed the order sprites were shown in the sprite menu for easier tile creation later on
  • Updated a few of the tile sprites
  • Code cleaning (including the removal of unnecessary functions and variables)


  • Added a graphic showing the next tile to be laid
  • Code cleaning (mostly formatting issues)


  • Completed the first playable version of SEDEACRE

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