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Looks great, but what is my score when the game is over ? It does not show this.

P#28869 2016-09-20 11:20 ( Edited 2016-09-20 15:20)

Getting a runtime error on boot. Going through the web browser on Chrome, but I don't think that should be making a difference.

P#53471 2018-06-11 08:18 ( Edited 2018-06-11 12:18)

yep, error there

P#54095 2018-07-12 03:14 ( Edited 2018-07-12 07:14)

I am getting a runtime error after starting the game.

P#54099 2018-07-12 09:00 ( Edited 2018-07-12 13:00)

Great roguelite puzzle game, had me addicted for a good few hours while I tried to get The Run. Wishlisted the Steam version!

P#56592 2018-09-12 22:04 ( Edited 2018-09-13 02:04)

Got a runtime error today (09-14-18), just starting the game - didn't even make a move yet. Here is the screen:

P#56672 2018-09-14 11:55 ( Edited 2018-09-14 15:56)

I'm getting the same runtime error as dw817, but for some reason, it's only when I play a saved copy of the game, not playing it from splore.

P#59338 2018-11-25 13:59 ( Edited 2018-11-25 18:59)

Same here... wahhhhh sniff.....

P#60014 2018-12-15 18:38

I fixed it.

P#60055 2018-12-17 15:41

Oh my god, this is absolutely brilliant.

P#64276 2019-05-09 22:47

That's awesome! Congratulations. I hope the game does well.

Any chance of a Linux version of the game? I would buy the game, but I don't run Windows.

P#64300 2019-05-10 16:37

I got this runtime error right after attacking an enemy. I was playing it as part of the "install_games" after downloading from itch.io a couple weeks ago, in case that matters at all.

P#78893 2020-07-04 12:46

Love this game and the 2020 Update :)

> goblins : now deal 1 damage for each daggers. dagger doesn't shield anymore.

Great mechanic!

> giants : now only protect nearby allies instead of the whole group
> When you click a group with partial armor you now kill all non-armored creatures

(With these two changes I really think it was better the way it was before.)

After several hours of playing, I came to like these changes, too :)

I also tried to run the demo version of the itch.io - game in wine. I can see it is a well made game, but unfortunately the performance in wine is very poor. The animations take forever to finish. It works better if not in full screen and no pixel doubling is enabled. But then the window is very small.

P#79018 2020-07-07 19:15 ( Edited 2020-07-09 17:08)

Just dropping a quick note to let you know how awesome your little pico-8 game is! I was able to complete the game on easy on my second run through, awesome control and game mechanics!

I've recently purchased pico-8 with the attention of writing a tile based puzzle game and the screen visuals from this are already about 70% there. Looking forward to perusing your code and seeing just how you do all of this clever stuff.

I've played through a few dozen games in the last week and so far this is easily my favorite. Thanks so much for posting it here for the entire pico-8 community to dissect and enjoy!

P#80932 2020-08-18 21:52

Really liked playing this game. I beat it on nightmare mode. After that I found an exploit. Its not really convenient but wanted to point it out. If you get the ring for 1 extra xp for a battle. Find an enemy that does no damage to you and has some blockade which prevents you from killing it. Now you can repeatedly attack it to farm xp without taking damage.

P#98683 2021-10-15 09:50

Always amazing games from you! Great work on this!

P#149781 2024-06-11 01:57

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