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PUPPER [1.02]
by grimbrim
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Cart #pupper-2 | 2023-11-12 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA



  • Added PUPS FOUND display to OPTIONS MENU.
    This keeps track of consecutive PUPPERs rescued and is reset when you LOSE. It is saved after each WIN, so you can close the game on the TITLE SCREEN, before starting another run, and continue your streak later. This will reset if you quit out during a run.
  • Tuned down Levels 7 to 10 slightly.
  • PUPPER now is deactivated if they step on a ZAPPER.
  • Bumping PUPPER when they are active will now give you +1 ENERGY!


  • You can now shoot walls to destroy them and open new paths.



PUPPER is my second attempt as a PICO-8 game but the first worth releasing.. or at least I hope it is.

PICO-8 is the perfect platform for what I want to do and I can't thank Krystman at Lazy Devs Academy enough for his excellent tutorials. Clearly, this is built off of the Porklike framework with a bit of Breakout Hero for some juice.

Originally intended to be the second enemy for my generic roguelike, the puppy took on new life when I stumbled into their walk cycle. They immediately seized the central focus of the game and sent me down the fun path to PUPPER. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. I learned a lot and finished a game I'm proud of.

It also gave me an opportunity to work with a talented young composer, named Mitchell Oeth (SoundCloud - YouTube), who came through in the clutch to deliver a killer soundtrack and spare everyone my tortured beeps and boops.

PUPPER is dedicated to all my good doggos (...and one kitty cat) on both sides of the rainbow bridge.



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