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Cart #bharos_m_2minpicovania-5 | 2024-02-16 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

2-minute picovania

This is a short little metroidvania, with several weapons, unlockable abilities (obviously), and character upgrades, packed into a small map.

hope you enjoy it - I sure enjoyed making it!

I am still learning pico-8 and there is so much more to learn. This cart taught me a ton, and especially the value of tokens. I ended up at 8175/8192 after cutting as much as I could, and skipping functionality I wanted to add. I realize that if I want to make bigger games, I have to be more aggressive with both serializing from strings, and also loading maps/logic from strings as well. Also, pixel art and music is incredibly difficult -_-

Update: Fixed a small bug that made the boss' HP bar go down too slow (only a visual bug, boss HP was working as intended).

P#141534 2024-02-16 12:38 ( Edited 2024-02-16 14:22)


The first release of another finished hobby project. I mostly wanted to play around with rendering from the screen buffer, and it turned into a short little fishing/memory sequence game.

You have to guess a fish's lure and bait preference, and once your hook is in the water, you need to attract the fish by moving your rod either up, down, right, left or shake with O.

Each fish type has a unique sequence it needs in order to bite, that you have to press in the correct order.

This is where the guessing comes in. Press buttons until you see a heart icon over a fish, that means you guessed the first button. Now you can guess the next button. If you fail, the fish shows a X over it instead. Start over with the first button again, and keep guessing. The most rare 5-star fishes have a sequence of 5 buttons to press!

Once you have caught a fish, it is permanently unlocked in the fishdex and you can read what bait/lure and sequence it has.

Then take your knowledge to survival mode, and see how long you can survive.

I hope you enjoy! Any feedback is always welcome!

Cart #bharos_m_pro_fishing_ex-1 | 2022-11-18 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P#120906 2022-11-18 16:44 ( Edited 2022-11-18 19:17)


Hey everyone!

I bought pico-8 as both a fun hobby for myself, but also to get my 6-year-old daughter into game development. We had a blast creating this, and it is our first game! It is a short adventure-platformer with a day/night mechanic that changes the levels a bit.

We have collaborated on everything from music, to art, level design, and even some code. She has proudly drawn pixel art, and decided on the main mechanics of the game, as well as the levels (and boss!).

She wanted me to release this game "to the world" 😊 so obviously it's going on here. It's incredibly short, and more of both me and her learning the pico-8 platform.

We hope you enjoy this brief little platformer!

Cart #tokapamiwe-1 | 2022-09-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P#117689 2022-09-20 12:40

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