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Cart #enkrdn_defuse_001-0 | 2021-10-09 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hello all, this is my first cart post but I've been enjoying PICO-8 for a couple years now.

I've been wanting to get this defusal game idea out of my head for a while now and I finally did it. Every game is a totally unique randomly generated scenario (my favorite kind!)

However, I think the game mechanics need some polishing because, while luck must be a crucial element, the game seems to be mostly luck regardless of any hints or deduction. I say this because after 100 games my win ratio was a solid 50%.

On the left side you have the 6 types of wires: disarm, decoy, time penalty, clock speed-up, clock freeze, and detonate. You occasionally receive random hints as to what type of wires are in the current device, and when you cut a wire it reveals the type of wire you cut as well.

On the right side you have the simplified interface for cutting wires, as the wires in the device in the middle can be difficult to see.

This game is playable but definitely not complete. There are a lot of things I could do with it, such as:

  • give the wires in the device meaning based on placement?
  • create levels of difficulty that affect what wire-type hints you get.
  • tune the algorithm to create more specific disarming scenarios.
  • find that balance between luck and logic

Enjoy! All feedback is welcome!

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P#98446 2021-10-09 22:24

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