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Cart #androids-0 | 2021-07-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA
Hey Pico-Community,

finally released my first Pico-8 game on itch after discovering the system two weeks ago. Following the motto "if you're not ashamed, you didn't release early enough" I "composed" two songs after watching a 5 minute tutorial, put it online today and mentally marked the game as "finished".

Being a "serious" software developer in real life, it felt refreshing to just hack around, change the motto of the game a couple of times and ignore any best practices of serious development for once -- I'm aware there's a lot to improve code-wise, but this is left for the next games :-)

Currently I'm extremely excited to look at other games, think about game ideas, hack around and enjoy the friendly discussions.

Happy Hacking,

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I've recently discovered Pico8 and am falling in love with it. One small quirk that might be easy to change but I did not figure out: how can I change the background of the environment, i.e. everything besides the Pico8 window in fullscreen mode on MacOS? It's a rather distracting red-black striped pattern and I'd favour something else, e.g. everything in black.

Any hints are appreciated,

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