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Kinda hence the name. I thought it'd be cool.

I have some examples:

All you would need to set is:

Item Name,
Properties, (details, e.g. gravity, bounciness, destructible or not, etc.)

Looks: Just like the prop editor, except no indestructible voxels (because items are already completely indestructible).


Points, (being able customize to even stuff like losing points when touched)
Point multipliers + dividers,
Weapons, (able to customize looks from weapon, customize bullets, ammo, etc.)
Base weapon, (mix of above and base weapons already in the game)

Item Name:

Effects the text shown at the top-ish part of the screen (for example, when you get the sword) and where it shows your weapon (only if you have in as a weapon/base weapon type).


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(I'm kinda new to the forum, so please don't call me a noob for asking these questions.)

The levels just show up as pictures. I tried copying and pasting level pictures onto Microsoft Paint, and saved it as the right picture type. I went on Voxatron and when I loaded the level, nothing was there. Absolutely nothing. Nothing. Pure nothing. Nothing except nothing. Nothing nothingy nothiny. Nothing. Do I get the levels on another way? Thanks, I'd like to play some BBS Levels on the forum.

I found a BBS Level with The Great Dragon in it, so I loaded in the editor, and when I pressed CTRL + C, it just copied the whole room. I can't paste whole rooms for some reason.

I had to use bad grammar in the title (from room), because the forum won't let me type it in so long.

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