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What I'm thinking is a true crossover of the greatest DIY gaming projects. Have you ever heard of the Pinbox 3000? It's a kit that you customize to create your own compact pinball machine. It's made from cardboard and is completely analog. Last time I checked, the creators did have some videos about possible projects for rigging up an electronic score system.

What I was thinking of is maybe using a Pi to run PICO-8 underneath the playfield. You could map the traditional player 1 and player 2 controller inputs to various targets and bumpers, as well as to the bottom of the table for triggering a ball loss event.

You could hook up your Pi to a TFT to run animations triggered by combos, plus to track scores and balls remaining.

Does this sound like a cool project idea? Has anyone done something similar before?

P#82852 2020-10-12 21:01

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Hey, all. I picked up PICO-8 in the Itch bundle a couple months ago. Finally got around to poking at the PICO-8 and I love what I'm seeing. The idea of the picture being the cartridge is just something that brings back the feels.

Reminds me of the old days, manually typing in games from a book. A whole weekend spent programming Star Trek only to find out that I had the wrong version of BASIC.

Anyway, I hope to get going with game design soon. My history in that field is in the tabletop space, so going digital is a whole new thing for me.

Quick question, but is there a way to make map screens connect to one another to simulate a cube? I am thinking about doing a pseudo-3D space shooter.

P#82756 2020-10-10 02:56