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Sine Surf
by Roverkibb

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Left - Slow Down
Right - Speed Up

Z/O in the menu to select the chosen flavour from the menu


SINE SURF is a Bullet heck-ish type of game where you play as a pair of eyeballs stuck on a rapidly moving sine wave dodging flying hands who are very eager to poke you in the eyes.

The goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible by avoiding the hands while trying to keep up with the sine wave so that you don't get eaten alive. Try to survive as long as possible so you can get the highest score and unlock new flavours along the way. Beware, for the longer you survive, the more frequently the hands begin to appear.

SINE SURF features 10 unique and delectable flavours that can be selected from the menu for added visual variety. Can you collect them all?

Which flavour do you prefer the most?


This is my first finished and (mostly) polished game, and I learned a lot about gamedev and programming during the development process. I sincerely hope you have as much fun playing this game as much as I had making it, even if it's only for a short time. Thank you so much for checking taking time out of your day to check this out, means a lot to me.

Special thanks to everyone who bothered to take a look at this and offered suggestions and encouragement along the way.

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-- STORY --
You've found yourself on a strange, brooding planet after crashing your space ship. There's nothing to do except to look for another ship you can use to find your way back home... Better get exploring!

I made this little itty bitty game based off of Dylan Bennett's "PICO-8 Top-Down Adventure Game Tutorial" series as a way to get in to Pico-8 programming and also as a little creative exercise.

I'm quite happy with how the visuals turned out, as well as some other things like the custom tiles and the randomized nonsense from the red NPCs.

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So, I decided to work on my little game today when for some unexplainable reason, when I try to load my game in the console I'm greeted with the message 'could not load'. I don't know why this happens, nor what causes it to happen, but this has happened to me three times already and it's infuriating. If there's any way to prevent it, or better yet get me my game back, please tell me! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.


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