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Hover Gulch!
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Cart #onecoincowboy-0 | 2023-04-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Made this in early 2019 as a first pico project. Straight clone of DEAD EYE -- you're moving left and right and shooting (out of your hat) to keep the coin in the air. Score points for directing the coin into bats and birds, game over when it falls.

P#129144 2023-04-29 19:02

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Cart #himohimusi-2 | 2022-10-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Welcome to Tricky Treats, where at last, pumpkins get a chance to eat. But beware! This one has some dietary restrictions!

How to Play

  • Try to feed the Jack-O-Lantern during its demonic, thirty-second midnight ride.
  • The left and right arrows control your hands. Press and hold left or right to grab something, and release to toss into the gourd's gaping maw.
  • Press the down arrow to slow your hideous hell-steed and grab things more easily.
  • Press the Z and X buttons to interact with your new friend.

I made this game over the course of the last week and had a blast. Hope you enjoy it!

Special Thanks to Caleb, Hanahlie, Asher, Elia, Coco, Marigold, Pico, Martin, JW, Zach, Frank, the entire pico-8 community, and Sandy.

P#119908 2022-10-31 15:32 ( Edited 2022-10-31 15:35)

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Cart #himohimusi-1 | 2022-10-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Well, I did it: I started a Halloween pico game the week before Halloween. It started as a talking Jack-O-Lantern puppet and it still kind of is that, but also there's a game included now!


  • Try to feed the pumpkin, who fair warning is kind of a finicky eater.
  • Press left and right arrow keys to pick up objects with your pumpkin-y hands. Release to fling them into your grinning maw.
  • Press the down arrow to slow your hellish steed and get more stuff.
  • Press X to commune with this demonic gourd.
  • Press Z to waggle your eyebrows.

Feedback welcome, I'd like to add some music and hope to keep tweaking this until the big day.

UPDATE 10/30: On the eve of Halloween, I've added music, tweaked the game loop, and allowed you to slow down your freaky horse to collect more garbage to eat. Release soon!

P#119731 2022-10-28 05:02 ( Edited 2022-10-31 03:31)

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Cart #hovergulch-10 | 2024-01-16 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

You are a futuristic hovercar developed by the trillionaire owner of a stagnant maze-racing circuit. He has loaded you up with special powers so you can embarrass all the league's other cars.

How to Play

  • You must spin out rival cars by ramming them, catching them in your boost trail, or spinning another car into them.

  • Spin out the required number of cars on each level to unlock the checkered flag. Grab the flag to advance.

  • You are invincible while using your powers but vulnerable while you are not. Walls never hurt you, thanks to advanced bouncing science.

  • All your special powers always trigger at the same time. This consumes gel because nothing is truly free.

  • If you run out of lives or gel, the game is over... until you are brave enough to restart.

  • After you clear a level, your leftover gel will convert to flex, which is like a kind of score that measures how hard you have flexed in Hover Gulch.

Keyboard controls

  • Arrow keys to turn
  • X to boost speed, engage your ram, and become invincible, all at the same time
  • Z to skip scenes you've seen before
  • Enter to pause (and to quick-restart)


  • As a hovercar, you have to complete your turn rotation before you start moving in the new direction. It's just how hovercars work, especially in the future. (Try turning a little on the early side)

  • There's a way to get one extra life per level, but it's risky.

  • There's an even bigger secret, but it's very risky.


Audio, code, design, graphics, and writing by me, Rob Dubbin.

Thanks to RALLY-X, Rocket League, Alfonzo's Bowling Challenge, and One Must Fall: 2097 for inspiring Hover Gulch in various ways. Thanks to Bennett Foddy for inspiring the project in the first place with a well-timed homework assignment even though I was not his student. Thanks to zep for pico-8 and especially for "The Search for Cosy Design Spaces", a perfect conference talk that should be on the next Golden Record.

Thanks to Kittenm4ster, Cabledragon, Michael Cook, seleb, and 8 Bit Caaz for sharing their secrets of the Fisher-Yates shuffle, ZSPR zoomed-sprite rendering, cellular-automata cave generation, token-saving, and camera-easing, respectively.

Thanks to the pico-8 community for all the brilliant work: games, tweetcarts, and the 100,000 small tricks I looked up on here while making this.

Thanks to everyone who I can remember playtesting this over various points in its history: 0xcafed00d, Adam Miller, Alexander King, Andy Dubbin, Asher Vollmer, Augustus Heagerty, Bennett Foddy, Bijan Stephen, Chris Xu, Colleen Macklin, Dylan Saunders, Frank Lantz, Fred Benenson, Garrett Miller, Greg Wohlwend, Kevin Cancienne, M@ Boch, Nick Sylvester, Patrick McHale, Pen Ward, Sarah Pavis, Sean Vanaman, Stacy-Marie Ishmael, TC Sottek, Xalavier Nelson Jr., and Zach Gage.

Thanks to Sandy Allen for pretty much everything else.

Thanks for checking it out

My finest flex is 398 -- see ya on the road!

P#93788 2021-06-21 19:26 ( Edited 2024-01-16 18:03)